Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Attempt at Fall Preppy Maternity Looks

This classic preppy piece is on its way to me now. I found it on sale at gap here.

On the advice of Blissful Belle, I checked out the long and lean maternity jeans from Gap. Prepregnancy my favorite jeans were Paige and Sevens. I have tried on several pairs of designer jeans and I can honestly say these are the most comforable, affordable and flattering pair! I LOVE them! Click here to buy.

I call this dress my "Roll Tide Mama" dress. I bought it for myself for my birthday and I've already worn it a ton! It's Isabella Oliver and they are having a 30% off sale right now for their anniversary, so check it out!

I bought two of these and they have been great so far. They are cotton though, so I still need a long lycra one too. Click here to buy!

These ruffle cardigan sweaters are not maternity. But, I bought them in large and they are working perfectly right now (and I hope will continue to last). I bought 3--one in white, green and pink from Old Navy. They are on sale right now for $20.00 each! Click here to buy ruffles.

I bought this sweater on sale in pink. They still have the grey. Click here.

These pj pants from Old Navy are fabulous! I need to order another pair! I got mine on sale, but these are $19.50. Click here to check out the other great colors.

This cotton dress is from Old Navy for $32.50. Preggos, Click here to buy.

I bought this dress in the black and the purple pattern and I LOVE it! It's from Old Navy and only $32.50! Preggos, click here to buy.

Ok, I tag all the other preppy preggos in the preppy preggo club to play this game. Let's see what's in your closet for fall!!

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Belle said...

I'm so glad you liked the Long and Leans... they really are amazing.

I also ordered the solid purple Old Navy dress you posted. I wore it yesterday over leggings and it was so cute and perfect for fall!

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