Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reader Questions


I've been a loyal reader of your blog since July. Finally though, I think I have a question that could use your expertise. My boyfriend and I met early in college and became fast social friends, nothing serious, just two pals who enjoyed a good bourbon on the rocks before a good party. Now, I'm on track to becoming a part of the family. This Christmas I'd like to give his family/ mother something that conveys my more serious position in her son's life. Any thoughts on what sort of holiday present would suggest my more mature lifestyle? The potential mother in law in question is a classic middle aged lawyer living in Albany, New York.
I love your blog, it has already inspired many of my recent gifts. I would really appreciate any suggestions that you have to offer.

Thank you,


Hi R,

It will depend on your budget and I would love to know a little more about your potential MIL, but I think something that is well thought out is what you are looking for here. How about a piece of art. My friend Allison paints houses, pets, and does portraits. If you could snag a picture of him when he was little that would be a great...you could do a small portrait of your boyfriend from when he was a younger. If your MIL has a favorite pet that could also be an idea or a drawing of their home or vacation home. The more thought you put into the gift the more it will show her how "serious" you are. Good luck and if you give me some more info I'll try to help more!



i've been lurking your blog for a while. i love your taste and we seem to have so much in common. i have thought about having a blog, but just haven't gotten into figuring it out yet. anyway, since you seem to always be finding things for people and are good at it i thought maybe you could help me? i'm looking for a winter coat for my 10month daughter. have any ideas? i would appreciate any options. thanks, and congratulations on your pregnancy! my daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me! i love being a mommy!!!

e in kentucky:)

Hi E,

I LOVED the pink coat I featured last week from Kayce Hughs/Pears and Bears. It comes in 6 month and 12 month. Here it is if you missed it. I love this sweater coat and pink toggle coat from Baby Gap. I love this Pink Petite Ami Corduroy coat and this Katie and Co. wool/velvet dress coat from Best Dressed Child. For a bargain, how about this red fleece peacoat or this chocolate brown puffy coat from Old Navy? I've obviously not done a ton of research in this department so perhaps some of my readers might be able to help you a little more. Molly's Mom--what ya got?

Thanks for reading!



SCG said...

My girls have pink wool Chabre pea coats with matching bonnets. Beautiful!!! I have found that Widgeon fleece coats that velcro closed are WONDERFUL for everyday!!!



Molly's Mom said...

Hi E in Kentucky,
I have purchased a couple of jackets this year for Molly and also know of some other good ones that I will list for you as well.
You will have to copy and paste the link. Hear are some of my favs.....

1. Wideon Fleece coat- Molly has this one.

2. Hanna Anderson Jacket- I got Molly this one and I like it. It's not as thick as it looks, but will keep them pretty warm.

3. Corky & Company- We had one like this last year.

4. Mack & Co.- I like this one too.

5. Coco BonBons Jackets-

6. Patagonia Fleece- Good for everyday, plus it has a hood.

7. Pottery Barn Corduroy jacket-

Hope some of these work for you!

GroveGals said...

I had Allison do a watercolor painting of Mini K after your post on her...the painting arrived and is amazing and we will call on her talents again!

Molly's Mom said...

Hey. I forgot to tell you thanks for the reference on your Reader's Question.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much MMM for replying to my email AND posting on your blog! I cant wait to check out the links! I'll let you know what I get for my daughter.


MMM said...

A note from reader E:

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I found my daughter a coat. I really appreciate you posting my question on your blog. I ended up getting a Wigedon (I think I spelled that correctly) pink fleece for casual wear. One of your readers, Molly's Mom, had recommended it and one of the local boutiques had it on sale for 30% off! I scored. They were having a moving sale. You can even personalize them with a monogram but I think I'll hold off on that this time. My grandmother has also made her a off white cape which is adorable. For more dressier outfits I ended up ordering the Petit Corduroy coat you linked me too. I can't wait to receive it. THanks again for your recommendations. I also just wanted to share this outfit I just got for my daughter. If you haven't heard of this brand it is a Kentucky based company that sales to boutiques. The clothes are precious. The pictures do not do them justice. Doesn't this just look like it would melt? Oh, and it comes in blue too:)

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