Monday, October 27, 2008

Misc Pictures

I don't like pickles, but I'm pregnant and now I love half sour pickles from this pickle stand!

A little ebay find for my baby boy! =)

One of my cravings--Red Velvet Cupcakes (ok-so this pic is right ways up on my computer before I upload--how do I flip it once it is in blogger?)

Caught ya!

Roll Tide Daisy!

I spotted this kitty and pumpkin in an apartment across the courtyard from ours! Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had another good Tide victory! I tried to not take my Zofran this weekend and it didn't work out so well this morning so I'm home sick. Once I took the pill I felt a lot better--good thing because now I have to go take my glucose tolerance test. Wish me luck!

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Gwen said...

Congrats on the baby boy!!! And your Daisy & my Baxley could be twins!!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Daisy has such pretty coloring. My dog is WAY too comfortable on my bed too!

N.M.B. said...

A stand just for pickles!? Who'd a thought of such a thing!

and for the record, the word verification for this comment was "tater"...must be because we're GRITS.

amanda said...

OOOOH! A clue! The baby's name starts with a J. We didn't know this already, did we? Or maybe you just got a really good deal on the paci holder.

Also, we have the same duvet cover. Ours is blue though.

Lauren said...

I'm glad you had a fun weekend!

Preppy Coastee said...

Looove the Alabama bandana on your Daisy & Love the Passy holder!

Wasn't saturday awesome?!?! :)

Hope you had a good thanksgiving. XOXO

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