Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was tagged by Getting Here From There and my real life friends who just started their own blogs: Bama Belle In The Big City and Millitini Straight Up with a Twist (go be polite and say hello, please)

Top four wishes:
1. That Baby U continues to grow and be a strong, healthy boy!
2. That A and I can move home to the South next summer.
3. That all my pregnant friends have healthy pregnancies and babies and those that are trying will be blessed with little ones as well!
4. That this week will fly by---I'm getting on a plane to go home on Wednesday at 8am! I get to see my parents first then my Mom and I are driving up for my baby shower and the Bama game. I am so excited that I can't stand it!

Four places I want to travel to:
1. African Safari
2. Greece
3. Fiji
4. Australia and New Zealand

Four careers I want to be involved in:
1. I want to own a cute boutique in the South complete with lots of monogrammed items and stationery
2. I want to do birthday parties for kids (I used to want to do weddings until I planned my own)
3. I would love to be the assistant for the First Lady--can you imagine the fun things you would get to do!
4. I want to be a SAHM and it looks like my wish is going to come true! =)

I now tag:
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2. Barefoot in the Park
3. Southern Prep
4. Preppy Sue


I hate pickles, but I love cucumbers. Now that I'm pregnant I love half sour pickles.

I only will drink milk out of a real glass. I'm not a huge milk drinker--but now that I'm pregnant I can't get enough.

In high school I won a beauty pageant. Five of us were selected to wear antebellum dresses (think Scarlett O'Hara--complete with pantaloons, hoop skirt, 3 layers of ruffles and full ruffle hat) and go to festivals and special events. I met the Prince of Monaco and a lot of politicians that year! I was the pink girl and it was a blast!

I was a camp counselor in college at the same camp I went to when I was younger. I LOVE camp!

I only own two bras that fits me right now! Thank goodness for woollite!

I don't wear heels anymore. I used to wear them everyday, but they are just not practical for walking in the city. I just can't do it. I have a very nice collection of flats now!

I don't wear headbands or baseball hats. They look funny on me.


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Kate said...

I really hope I get to do an African safari too one day!

Thanks for the tag!
I love camp too :) Hats look awful on me but I LOVE headbands

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