Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hostess Gift Suggestions

You may remember awhile back that I was asking for ideas for hostess gifts for my upcoming baby shower. Well, I got some great little gifts (but a few of my hostesses read my blog so I'm not going to share quite yet what they are receiving.) I always appreciate your feedback and a few of my favorite stores sent me these hostess gift ideas. If you are looking for something perhaps one of these will work for you!

Monogrammed Glasses from The Palm Gifts for $30.00

Monogrammed Aprons from The Palm Gifts for $20.00

Whitney English Bag Tags from The Paper Cafe--2 for $18.00.

Donovan Designs 2009 Desk Calendar for $19.00 from The Paper Cafe.

Monogrammed Bow Blocks from Sunshine Paperie for $26.00.


Gwen said...

I love new followers!! And I saw pictures of your puppy!!! Looks just like our boy. How old and male or female?

Molly's Mom said...

Can't wait to see what you pikced out for the hostess gifts. Did you ever decide on a dress yet. When is the shower?

Prissy Southern Prep said...

Love that calendar!!

Kate said...

I want it all!

well read hostess said...

I have just spent an INSANE amount of time looking at some of the sites you link to...and I've got a lot more to go! I'm going to need to take some time off from work to get through them!


MMM said...

Mollie from The Paper Cafe just informed me that the Whitney English luggage tags have been discontinued! Sorry!

MMM said...

Gwen-Daisy is a 3.5 year old female! Welcome!

MMM said...

Molly's Mom--I ordered the red Olian dress--my top two choices (and everyone elses) the houndstooth and the green were BOTH not available.

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