Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reader Question

Dear MMM,

The reason I am writing is that my sister-in-law and I are both pregnant :) She is due on January 7th and I am due on April 9th. Her shower is coming up soon and my mom and I really want to give her a large stuffed animal or a rocking horse for the nursery. Unfortunately, her animal theme is monkeys and I am having a TERRIBLE time finding anything cute. Do you have any suggestions?



Thanks for is what I found just playing around:
(they don't have monkeys but really cute other animals--I love the giraffe) (there is a big monkey floor pillow here)

I'll keep looking though!

Congrats to you both! M


Anonymous said...

He's not a rocker but FAO Baby Orangutan is pretty cute!!

PreppynPink said...

I think this is funky, fun and cute:|b|12|||1|||||||monkey&cm_src=SCH|12|||1|||||||monkey&cm_src=SCH

Anonymous said...

These are adorable!

Lauren G. said...

I've been looking for an animal shaped rocker other than the typical horse! Thanks for posting this! My BF is due at the end of March and I want to get her something fun for the nursery

Jen said...

Oh my, how cute are those rockers!

Shawn said...

Monkey bean bag?

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