Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Your Baby Gift Ideas

Travel in Style with Too Cute Baby Gift's Personalized Bath Set.

Baby Gift bag from The Land of Nod.

Diaper Bag set from The Palm Gift.

This child's apron from Girly Twirly is a great gift that will be well appreciated later on.
This monogrammed chalkboard placemat from Girly Twirly looks like too much fun!

I love these monogrammed sippy cups from Girly Twirly.

Reader Melissa said, "Here are a few more ideas once you know what the baby's full name is. I would recommend waiting until the baby's full name is confirmed...I know a few mom's that changed their minds once the baby was born...also, sometimes a Dr will think it's a girl & when it arrives... surprise, it's a boy! That's the 1st lesson of parenthood...no more control....it's like the opposite of planning a wedding. :) Anyway, I just bought my kids Polo monogrammed hats. They are super cute. a monogrammed tote (J Crew, LL Bean...) is nice idea too. I used mine a lot when my 2 were babies. Now, when we go away, they each have their own bag (ideal for overnights & car trips)."

Reader Melissa sent the 4 cute pictures above. She said, "I usually stick with practical & traditional baby attire...I'm not a fan of dresses on girls before they can walk....it's annoying to stuff a dress into a babyseat & when they crawl, sometimes they catch the dress & end up face planting. Fat lips are no fun! I usually buy 6-9 mo or 9-12 size. People usually have tons for a newborn & not a lot for the 2nd & 3rd waves of baby clothes. Another gift I like to buy but couldn't find a picture of is a wool pea coat from Baby Gap size 2T. My daughter looked so cute in hers & my son wore it when she outgrew it. It worked for Northeast weather (Spring & Fall)."

Reader Amanda said, "I love to give monogrammed panties. I think they're so cute. I usually give a dress pair, white with white, and a fun pair, white with hot pink. They're so cute and they last a long time because they have to be large to fit over a diaper, so the girls can wear them again over their panties when they get a little bigger. I also like to give a moses basket (below) filled with stuff, if you don't know the sex of the baby, you could go with this neutral black toille. This is a great gift to give with others especially if you fill it with stuff.

Reader Amanda also let us know that Babies R Us sells pacifiers that you can personalize with the baby's name. She said, "the clips are nice too...you could just do a last initial on this and a neutral ribbon."

Reader Amanda thinks that for little boys, monogrammed burp clothes or bibs are also cute.

Reader Donna said,

I am a huge fan of giving things that are personalized. I especially love sweaters with initials on them: http://www.babyknitsandmore.com/monpul.html

Another cute thing I saw were hand painted baby shoes. http://www.theathleteschild.com/content/p/8/catid/467_639/Hand_Painted_Baby_Girl_Shoes

Other Tips from readers about Baby Gifts:
*I also love smocked clothing. You can find really nice stuff at children's boutiques when it's off season for great prices.
*Instead of a card, I like to give a book with a message inside.
Your Favorite Baby Gift Websites: (most of these are compliments of Reader KLynn)

Strasbourg Children
The Land of Nod

Baby Questions:

Reader KLynn asked, "Does anyone know where to find a good baby boy christening gift idea?

Thanks everyone for all of the great suggestions. I hope this post will help out some of you looking for that perfect baby gift! Happy Shopping!


MC said...

I totally had panties like that, I even had a pair with an embroidered back of a rabbit with a cotton tail sticking off it. I was talking about this with a friend the other day, as babies we were encouraged to show off our "pretty panties" and then you get older and it is a big no no.

Melissa said...

Wow, this is a great list - I will have to come back and reference it next time I need a baby gift!

amanda said...

some websites actually show them for boys to, but I just don't get that. Except for with the christening gown, I don't know when you'd use them. I think that's just tricky marketing. :)

I'm excited to check out the sweater website. I recently saw a great photo of my friend's son and learned it was his newborn photo from the hospital. I think what made it look so good was that he was wearing a classic little light blue sweater.

Ladybug said...

I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time tonight and found my store listed as one of the favorites to shop for baby gifts!! I was thrilled to say the least! :) I would love to offer your readers free shipping for the month of May. Use the code MAY07 at checkout.

Thanks so much! :)


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