Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Table Runners

I'm on a quest to find the perfect celedon green or white with green runners. I need 8, 90 inch runners and 6, 54 inch runners. Does anyone know somewhere that sells long runners or someone that makes them?


MC said...

If you can find pretty much anyone who sews, they aren't hard to make. My friend and I sewed 20 72" runners in a couple of days.

susan said...

My mom had someone sew them for my wedding -- we used a pretty sheer organza fabric, i would offer them to you, but they are a much brighter green than celedon!

amanda said...

Susan, What color green? I might be interested in purchasing them! I'm going for more of an apple green.

MMM, I think our weddings are going to be so similar? I'm looking for runners too. We were going to get tablecloths to add more color, but they're pretty expensive. To pay that much, I'd rather actually have something more to show for it. WE thought runners were a good compromise.

susan said...

MMM-just checked back on this post! I'm going to email you a link to pictures of them -- maybe it will work for you!

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