Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wedding Gifts!!

Michael Aram BowlCalphalon Contemporary Lasagna Pan (we already received a 10 piece set at my shower)Waterford Silver Pitcher
Waterford Lismore Salt and Pepper Shakers

I thought y'all would like to see what types of gifts have been showing up at my door each day. All of the above gifts we received off of our Macy's registry. My fiance and I both grew up in one state and went to high school and college in another, so we are registered all over the place!

My fiance's Mom works at a gift shop so many of our gifts are coming from there. We have received a few pieces of our everyday china (Vietri Incanto), a luggage rack, a butler's tray with a stand, an umbrella stand, 4 lamps (yes, 4!!), 2 wooden plates, Reed and Barton steak knives, a silver spoon with an "M" on it (my first inital), a silver casserole serving dish, a monogrammed silver wine bucket with a "U" (my new last name initial) on it, mugs from our Christmas China, 2 place setting of our Ricci stainless steel flatware and a few other odds and ends.

Monogrammed Pilsner glasses with fiance's initials engraved from Williams Sonoma registry.

I mentioned before I had to change my china. My old pattern wasWedgewood Crown Platinum and it was discontinued a few months ago. I thought it was going to be fine, but multiple stores were having problems with it so I decided it would be better just to go ahead and switch it. I actually love my new china more! I first saw it on Preppy Wedding's site when she listed her reader's china patterns. Then I saw it at a store and had been thinking about how elegant and different it was ever since. So...introducing my new china! Raynaud's Allee Royal. It looks beautiful with my Waterford Crosshaven Crystal and my Nana's silver (Westmoreland Lady Hilton.) I love it!


atlanta social said...

I use Lismore too. I grew up with and never got tired of it.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Lucky, lucky girl! I love Waterford! When I was in Ireland, I really had to contain myself! Enjoy!

amanda said...

so pretty. You've really received an interesting collection of gifts. Quite a broad variety. We've gotten mostly china.

susan said...

love all the gifts!

ps -- are you still interested in the green table runners? just let me know!

sisters with style said...

You are so lucky. It looks like you have received some very nice gifts. I have those same monogrammed beer glasses from Williams-Sonoma and love them.

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