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Sentiments Behind "Something Blue"

I found this article and thought I would share....

Sentiments Behind Something Blue

A pristine white lace handkerchief, etched in innocent cornflower blue, hand embroidered with a scalloped edge.

An elegant periwinkle keepsake pin, steeped in decadent chiffon and satin, and shot through with pearls, to be pinned ever so delicately inside the hem of a wedding gown. For a glimmering secret-a sky blue thong with the word 'Bride' stitched in luminous rhinestones- how about panties that are pretty and sparkly for an intimate surprise? Or what about irreverent embellishments that lend a sense of the refreshingly outrageous to this traditionally solemn occasion? Blue hearts and halos bloom like flowers on the skin with these inked-out temporary 'something blue' tattoos. Baring cheeky messages like "Vixen' and 'Angel', channel your inner Vivien Westwood by daring to twist tradition, but only temporarily.

Above are just a few ways a bride can choose to fulfill the age-old charge of wearing something blue. This particular tradition, while charming, seems more cryptic than the obvious rationale behind 'something old' and 'something new'. And yet, for centuries, beaming brides persist in gliding down the aisles with shades of sapphire, indigo, and aqua subtly resonating from their wedding attire.

But why? The answer is more complex than you might think. The 'something blue' tradition ranges from religious to ethnic to moral motives, all of which can be held in equally high regard, according to the bride.

Some believe that blue represents the moon, that luminary power, and consequently Diana, goddess of the moon, who was believed to be a protector of women. If you are the type to find yourself suddenly transfixed by the sight of stars in the sky, or are oddly comforted by the idea of an ancient goddess watching over you, perhaps this is the inkling that will propel your inner sense of 'something blue.'

But if you swear not by the moon, be advised that in ancient times both Israeli and Roman brides wore blue ribbons sewn into the hem of their wedding clothes to seal in love, modesty, and fidelity. If a sense of ethnicity and history inspire you, imagine following in the footsteps of the brides of long ago, as you ferry your festive blue accent down the aisle.

For the devout bride, display your faith by commemorating the steadfast love and purity of the Virgin Mary, who was traditionally depicted in resplendent shades of royal blue.
And if none of these notions appeal to you, remember that wearing something blue in a wedding is simply a symbol of fidelity, pure love, and faithfulness. Isn't that impetus enough?

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What was your "something blue?"

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