Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reader Question

This question is from reader Courtney. She asks:

I too am a southern bride to be. I am getting married very very soon and have one sentimental gift for my husband to be, but wanted to get him something else since the sentimental gift is not costing any money.

The first gift I have for him is a pair of cuff links that belonged to my grandfather. He passed away when I was 16 and just a few years ago, I was looking through some of his old things at my grandmother's house. I found the cuff links. They are engraved with a J because his name was Julian. My fiancé's name is Jeff so I took the cuff links and put them in my jewelry box just in case Jeff and I ever got married. Well now we are so I am going to give him the links.

I still want to get him something else.

Have you thought about what you are going to get your husband to be?



Courtney, thanks for reading! My fiance and I decided not to exchange gifts since we have a lot of furniture to purchase for our apartment. When I sold my house I also sold my couch, chair, bed, and dresser. I was ready for an upgrade and so I guess that will be our gift to each other. We also agreed to each come up with a surprise of something unique to do on our honeymoon. Like a hot air balloon ride or a special wine tasting. I am sure some of my readers have great ideas for you though...let's hear them y'all!


Britt said...

I'm looking for small gift ideas too (we will probably just be buying furniture/saving for a house as our "gifts"),
But I love the cuff-links idea, and I tried to find a fun honeymoon outing as a surprise (hence the deep sea fishing search) - and then I've collected every movie ticket/museum stub/football game stub (well not every!) and I would love to do something nice and classy with that - without making it look like a bad craft project.
I'd like to hear what everyone else has done!

Stacey said...

A nice man's jewelry box- one that also serves as a valet tray. Other popular men's wedding gifts are a watch, money clip, stud set- since you're doing the jewelry route, I'd stick to the theme and do a nice wooden box or valet tray that would hold the cufflinks. You may could engrave a little plaque to stick on it.

Preppy Wedding said...

I put together a scavenger hunt for my husband. It started with a map of Richmond (with our church clearly marked), with a note that said - "so you can find me." Then he got socks with a note that said - "so you won't get cold feet." Then I got him a nice swiss army watch with a note "so you'll get to the alter on time." It was so fun and I involved different members of his family to give him the gifts!

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