Monday, May 14, 2007

Mom Poem

In Honor of Mother's Day yesterday, I wanted to share this poem I found on another website. I would love to get a calligrapher to write it for me to give to my Mom on my wedding day.

At My Daughter's Side
by Linda Jo

Tomorrow was a lifetime away, now suddenly it's here.
How did it happen so quickly? This wedding drawing near.
How can I act so happy? How can I act so gay?
When in such a very short time, I'll give my daughter away.
I wish I could grasp a moment, and make the clock stand still
So I could let my heart catch up, but I know it never will.
All the worries of being a parent, all the battles won,
No one ever warned me about the day the job is done.
Yet, there is another side, where my heart is not as sad.

When I look in my daughter's eyes, I can't help but be joyful and glad.
This day she has dreamt about, for just about all her life.
She's going to be such a beautiful bride and a loving, caring wife.
I'll stand with the congregation as my daughter walks down the aisle
And even though there are tears in my eyes, my face will bear a smile.
For I know that I was very blessed when God lent this child to me.
To love and care for and nurture, so she would grow up to be
This lovely, bright young woman, who tomorrow will be a bride
And as always I'll be there, with love at my daughter's side.


sarah said...

Seriously... that made me cry. I am sure because that will be me in less than 3 weeks. I know I will be the biggest mess.. my parents are my best friends (besides my fiance). THanks for the tear jerker!

Preppy Wedding said...

I gave this to my mom the day before my wedding. She loved it and said it helped her through the wedding day!

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