Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oil Disaster

Is this what our world has come to? Children playing in oil. I want to cry. I feel so helpless.

 There is now oil on my hometown beaches:

 They have asked people to stay out of the waters:

There is oil in our Mobile Bay:

They haven't stopped the leak. My friends and families jobs and homes are already being affected. Animals are dying. Restaurants in the area aren't hiring and are losing money. I just want to cry. Why aren't they doing more? Why can't they fix this? Why did this happen? I just want to SCREAM.

Here is a note a friend from Pensacola wrote us:

Please tell anyone you know that will listen about this.  Most of the rest of the country- even the feds- doesn't really comprehend the urgency of this situation or the environmental and economic devastation it is causing.  A look at rick's blog quickly shows the lack of action on everyone's part- BP and our federal and state government- to react quickly and in the most efficient way.   Florida is already on thin ice as far as our economy, and with tourism out for the panhandle for potentially years, this could be the nail in our coffin.
I'm so frustrated and feel so helpless i could cry. 
If any of you know anyone in a position to help, or put pressure on our government, please tell them to do so!   This may sound melodramatic if you haven't been keeping up with the headlines, but our way of life is ruined and i can't just sit quietly and watch it happen.  this is the kind of thing that affects all of us, and we owe it to each other to make ourselves heard. And most importantly, keep praying that this will end soon.

Say a prayer today for the people in charge of this mess, that they can stop the leak. Say a prayer for the birds, the fish, and all of the sea life that is dying because of this. Say a prayer for the fishermen, the restaurant owners, and everyone who relies on  summer tourism so that they can put food on the table for their families. Say a prayer for our President, that he will have the wisdom to help lead the people who are in charge of cleaning up this mess.


mFw said...

Its just so terrible. What a heartfelt post!

EmilyB said...

I'm right there with you. While it isn't my hometown, I sure do feel helpless about the whole scenario. I love vacationing on the Gulf, and it just pains me to think of the damage that this will do to the water, the beaches, people's livelihoods -- it's just beyond awful. I hope that this will help encourage everyone to find new sources for power....drilling for oil in our big bodies of water just shouldn't be an option after this.

Preppy 101 said...

It is so tragic. I am so sorry for those who are directly affected by it. I feel like we should visit these areas as a show of support. Honestly. xoxo

LG said...

Are you from Gulf SHores? I am also from Alabama! It is really sad down there. A flower shop in Gulf Shores is selling some really cool tshirts to raise money for oil clean up. I found them on facebook but you may be able to look them up. The shop is called Budz.

BroncoMom said...

It is heartbreaking MMM. So sorry.

Tracy said...

It is so upsetting!! My husband and I want to do something to help the wildlife and clean up - do u know if there are any funds collecting? Its sad bc when there are natural diasters in foreign countries, they have concerts and everythign right away - we want to help but dont know how!!

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