Monday, June 14, 2010

The High Line Park

A and I recently took J to Chelsea Market and for a walk on The High Line. What a fun afternoon in the city. If you are coming for a visit you should definitely check it out. We started off our afternoon with a black and white milk shake from Ronnybrook. So amazingly delicious. I had to fight my two boys to get a sip! We couldn't pass up a chance at a fabulous Fat Witch brownie. We had a great time walking around exploring all the great shops.

After all of our treats, we headed up to The High Line. We were able to take an elevator with the stroller and then were treated to the most amazing views. The High Line was created in 1930 in an effort to remove dangerous trains from the street level. To read more about the history, click here.

This is the viewing area up above the streets. I love these pictures! My sister said it looked like J was playing in the streets!


The Standard Hotel, famous for the windows that allow you to see it all. We failed to see anything X rated, thank goodness.

The view

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The Mrs. said...

OMG he is so big and so darn cute! Perfect day!

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