Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That

1)  One of my good friends, K, got engaged on Friday! We met in high school, went to college together, she became my little sister in KD and now we party together each year in our Mardi Gras Organization. I love her to pieces and am so glad she found D. They are great together and I wish them a lifetime of happiness. They will be getting married in December at the same church A and I were married in...almost 3 years ago. She will also have her reception at the same place I had mine. I can't wait to celebrate with them! Let the parties begin!

2) My sweet little boy is sick again. We have had a rough 6 months filled with ear infections and stomach bugs. This time it is his stomach. I just can't seem to figure out what is going on here.He was well for 2 weeks, but prior to that he had this same thing for a week. He's running around like his normal wild man self, he hasn't run a fever, but we are going on a week of...well to put it somewhat ladylike...the runs. We went to the doc on Monday and he checked out great. I was worried about his ears again, but they are clear. I dropped off the 2nd "sample" this morning so they can test for a few things. (If you have ever had the pleasure of collecting a sample...well let me tell you...not the most pleasant experience, but anything for my little guy. ) Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this soon. The doc really wasn't sure what was going on. He ruled out some bad stuff based on blood results, so that is good. We're off whole milk for now (drinking lactaid) and we're taking probiotics 2 times a day per Dr. J. Have any of you experienced anything like this with your little ones? I feel like I'm missing something here and it is driving me bonkers.

3) Moms, check out this great article on stain removal from Stroller Traffic.

4) A friend emailed me today and wants to throw a horse themed 1st bday party. I sent her these links:[]=tags&includes[]=title

Ok, that is all you get for now. The little guy just woke up and he doesn't sound happy!


Some Like it Southern said...

I hate that J is still sick! =(
I feel you on the sample thing! I had to collect one for A when he was 5 months old, it wasn't much fun to put it mildly!

Hope J begins to feel better soon!

And congrats to your friend on her engagement!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

My little guy had terrible ear infections and has had 2 sets of tubes and is adnoids out. He was also allergic to dairy as an infant. I was going to suggest a milk allergy since he seems to have ear and stomach problems. I hope you get an answer soon.

Feel better little J!!!

Michelle said...

I didn't realize we are both members of sororities founded at Longwood College. Neat! I'm a Zeta.

So sorry about little J. You hang in there too!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the probiotics will help. We went through something similar with our 14 month old and it was residual from an antibiotic she had been on over a month prior. 2 weeks of the probiotic made all the difference. I hope it works for you and you don't find a food allergy!!

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