Thursday, June 10, 2010

Leather Briefcase

I'm on a search to find A the perfect leather briefcase. The "thing" he is carrying is no longer okay for my Wall Street Mr. He admits that it is time to splurge. I think I'll give it to him as a combined Father's Day/Anniversary gift. Our 3rd anniversary is in a few weeks and the traditional gift is leather, so that will be perfect! He is looking for a leather briefcase, that can hold a laptop. He likes traditional styles and he prefers brown over black.

So, I don't know anything about briefcases. I need some help.

Here are a few I've found so far:


Any tips, suggestions? Any help is much appreciated! 


Trish said...

Hey girly! What a great gift idea for Father's Day! I am emailing you right now - something exciting! xoxo Love, Trish

Jenny said...

Have you checked out Kenneth Cole bags?
Also I travel pretty frequently with a laptop and have never seen anyone with a Tpass bag. I do recall one time someone not taking their laptop out of their bag and the TSA agent having a fit about it.

Beth McC. said...

I laughed when I read this post because just yesterday the men in our office had a huge discussion about briefcases! They decided that the COACH ones last a lot longer but they run smaller on size and they are best for a laptop and a few papers. The next choice was the Hartman they are bit bulkier but 2 of the guys said the quality of them are not what they used to be!
I dont know if that helps you any, I guess it depends on the size you are looking for.

Suzanne said...

Tumi is great b/c they'll repair everything lifetime.

Daisy said...

I get *SO* many compliments on my Coach briefcases (gifts from my parents during law school) that I plan on getting one for my hubby. I've had no problems and they are simply lovely- high quality & very functional. I have a Sony Vaio and I carry papers as well and have room to spare.

The Hensons said...

Check out
My husband LOVES it. They also carry it a neiman marcus too.

Belle on Heels said...

will always vote for the orvis one! my parents work there, they are super manly, and the quality and customer service really is hard to beat.

LG said...

I am a HUGE Tumi fan, but only of the black nylon line. Jcrew makes some fabulous mens leather bags. Also a neat company called Filson makes great man bags.
TJMAXX usually has some interesting european brands to browse through! Good luck

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