Thursday, May 1, 2008

*Random Updates on My Life*

*I've been sick all week. I called in for the first time on Monday. It was a rainy day and it was so worth it! I had a fever and Daisy and I slept all day. It was just what I needed and I'm feeling better but I think I've got spring allergies. I'm not sure how since I've had to wear SWEATERS all week and jackets!

* I received the cutest monogrammed bag in the mail from Some Like It Southern. She's so sweet and I can't wait to post pictures of it! Thanks so much!! You're the best and I always enjoy your sweet comments. I can't wait to sport my new bag!

*One of my best friends is scheduled to be induced next week. She does not know what she is having and I'm so excited for her!

*I got in trouble for buying to much on ebay. A, that's what happens when you don't come home until late every night---I shop!! =) Love you honey and so glad you were wearing your new VV tie I got for 1/2 off today!! Oh and y'all really should see my finds! Want to? Ok...I'll post pictures soon. My best find--a Kelly Green Lilly Spring jacket. It's beautiful. I'm rocking it today. It even has pink stitching.

*My husband and I were able to escape this past Saturday. We rented a car and went to Hyde Park and visited here. Pictures to come. It was nice to get out of the city even though it was just for a few hours.

*A blog that I just came across, I Love Your Whole Face is hosting the next Preppy Swap for Summer. Click here to sign up and visit her cute blog. I had so much fun on the first one, I've already signed up for the next one!

*My big meeting--the entire reason for my job---is in less than 6 weeks!! After the meeting is finished I will be able to have this on my resume--get my drift?

*One of my coworkers is from Romania. She recently eloped to Tahiti and we gave her a bridal shower. As a thank you she took us here last night for a thank you dinner. I had never tried Romanian food and it was WONDERFUL!

*I've recently eaten here with a good friend and her Dad. It was excellent!

*I'm still very homesick, but we are making small steps for our plan for the next 2 years and that gives me a lot of hope that I can hang in here. Our lease is up in August and it is time to start looking for a new place? Anyone know of a great two bedroom in Manhattan? Yep, we're upgrading if we can find a good deal!

*A fellow blogger passed along this link. It is the most beautiful and sad story of a woman who has recently lost her 4th daughter. Her faith in God is unbelievable and she is my inspiration today. I love that blogging connects me to people like this that help make me a better person.

*My 1 Year anniversary is the end of next month! Wow! It's been a year of tremendous changes for us both, but having my best friend with me everyday (even though it is just for a short period of time b/c of his job) is wonderful. We have a trip planned to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, followed by a trip to my parent's beach house for the 4th of July. Our cake is at my parent's house so now we'll get to eat it just a few days after our anniversary!! I can't wait for all of it.

*Why do important events always have to be at the same time? I just learned my 10 year high school reunion is scheduled the weekend before my KD pledge class annual summer reunion---both at the beach. Which one do I pick? I want to do both. My husband and I's anniversary trip is the weekend before one of my best friend's baby shower so that would be two flights in less than a week---probably not going to be able to go once again.

*Remember this, well...the green/brown/cream stripe one from Ballard Designs arrived this week and it's beautiful. It was worth the wait. Pictures to come.

*Don't forget to tell me why your Momma is the best so you can win the cute giveaway that Preppy Monogrammed Gifts donated. Click here for more details. Time's running out! Also be sure to check out the sweet stories of those that have already entered. Thanks for playing...this is going to be tough!

~A YEAR AGO TODAY~(Great ideas!!)


Traci Anne said...

How did I not realize that you're also a KD?!

Lauren said...

I am so inspired by Angie's blog. Thanks for sharing that with us. My husband and I went to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon. We stayed at the Excellence and had a great time.

Have a nice week!

Pink said...

Thanks for the inspirational blog link. Also - you will LOVE YOUR WEDDING CAKE on your anniversary!!! Trust me! Something about that one year preservation makes it even more awesome the next time around! ((Fab champagne is a must!)) Hope you feel better soon. I love your blog and all your creative ideas. :)

Some Like it Southern said...

I enjoyed reading all your updates. I am very glad to hear that you got your bag and that you like it! =)
We just ate our wedding cake on Monday. Amazingly, it was still good and such a sweet moment, you'll love it!
Hope you get to feeling better really soon!
Oh and I almost forgot- I am so glad that I am not the only one who "gets in trouble" from her husband for spending a little too much! I have been down that road once. Okay, maybe twice! Enjoy your weekend! =)

Farrell & Lauren said...

A lot of people in NY are very anti-broker, but I have to say that if your husband is super busy and you are doing this by yourself, I would consider using one! I just used a wonderful broker from Prudential Elliman and I never felt like I was in dangerof being scammed. I have also heard that CitiHabitats may be good.

Connecticut's Gold Coast Girl said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now, sorry to hear you were sick! I was sick last week and it was horrible. Anyways, I noticed that you and your husband enjoy taking day trips out of the city. I grew up in the surrounding suburbs and know of great places; so if you are ever looking for an idea of a place to visit or a resutrant to eat at while there, shoot me an e-mail :)

pink'n'green said...

Hey i'v just started reading your blog and i love it .Thank you for it.Sorry to hear you were ill. Hope you get well soon.
Prep in the country.

White Lily said...

Get well soon!!! I got allergies too.. It sucks doesn't it?

Seige said...

you go to the beach with your pledge class...HELLO!


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