Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Days

*I owe y'all an update. Let's see what have I been up to? How about a list!

*My sister came to visit and in addition to our visit to the Statue of Liberty we also went to 80's Prom. OMG-Totally Awesome--pictures to come I promise! Then I took the day off on Monday and we hit up Filene's Basement and scored some really cute shirts and dresses. I got a great maxi dress I'm going to wear on our 2nd honeymoon. I had gluten free mac and cheese at S'mack. It was so yummy--a restaurant that ONLY serves mac and cheese!

*My big meeting is in a few weeks! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Work is really crazy and promises to get even more crazy in the weeks to come so please excuse the lack of posts during the up coming weeks. I have to work this weekend so no exciting plans. I'm really sad about that. But, A and I are going to look at apartments in case we decide to move. We want to stay UES, but move down and over. =)

*One of my husband's best friends and girlfriend came in town. He proposed on Top of the Rock so we had a celebration dinner at a local spot and another fabulous dinner with more friends at Wolfgangs last Friday night.

*We spent the day in the Beer Garden last Saturday. This is my second time there and it is a ton of fun. I even drank some beer and had no problems with the wheat thing.

*My husband's younger sister is coming to stay with us next Thursday. We are very different and I'm hoping this will be a good bonding weekend for us!

*Be on the watch for my Pay It Forward Contest. I received the cutest goodies from Preppy Pink Crocodile and can't wait to share the pictures with you. You can click here to see pics now on her blog.

*I bought this and this and this during the last 20% off Jcrew sale. I hate them, I mean I love them.

*Dinner last night went great! Thanks for your suggestions. We had an excellent potato soup and I made a Strawberry Spinach salad. I'll post both recipes soon along with the pie recipe so many of you want.

*Almost a month until I'm on the beach in the Dominican Republic!! SO EXCITED!! It is still cold outside. Seriously, why do people live in places where it is cold in May. I don't get it. I'm so ready to go home to the South.


lisagh said...

Did you know today is International Gluten Free Day?

Happy IGFD to you!

GroveGals said...

if there is anything else you want at JCREW you can use code: SALESHHH until memorial day for 20% off any purchase over $175

Melissa said...

I've lived up North my entire life, and this is the coldest May I can remember! Last year I was wearing capris and skirts to work at this time, today I am in pants and my puffy vest! It's been a very odd year weather-wise around here!

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