Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Our New Sofa

Here are a few pictures of our new sofa. It is a taupe down filled linen and it was worth the wait! Does anyone have good ideas for accent pillows? It needs some color (esp since we have those pretty apt white walls)!! We also still need to order a club chair and I'm having a hard time finding a fabric that goes well with the linen. I would love to hear your suggestions!


Preppy Sue said...

Very nice. Try Ballard Designs for throw pillows. I love their monogrammed pillow...

Beth G. said...

I love your new sofa! I was in Homegoods recently and they had some beautiful needlepint pillows with very attractive trim? Love the monogrammed pillow idea too!

Something You! said...

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KristinA said...

Go to SeaCloth in Greenwich CT for both the chair and throws. They have a website, They design their own textiles, very beachy CT WASP chic. Plus they are super nice and have tons of great home decor knick knacks.

Georgia Peach said...

Your sofa is beautiful! Because your walls are white and your sofa is neutral, you could get some great colorful accent pillows to make the sofa the focal point of the room. I always suggest to my clients to pick two to three colors that you love and incorporate them in the room. In your case, I would choose one pillow with a stripe, dot, plaid,or houndstooth pattern. Which ever you choose I would then incorporate nice trim that also goes with the pillows that came with the couch. I also would choose one more pillow with a floral, paisley, toile, etc (something with interest) design that will really make a statement (these colors should all flow together). Choose one of the pillow fabrics that you have chosen for your chair and ottoman (add nice accent cording to give it a tailored feel). I then would place one of the throw pillows from the couch or the other accent pillow fabric onto the chair. You could also choose a monogram pillow for the chair that has the same color theme. I think monograming looks better in bedrooms and bathrooms. If you choose to use a monogram for your living area, just simply use your last initial (avoid using script--more romantic feel and should be left in the bedroom and bathroom areas). I hope this helps. Looks like you get to go fabric shopping.
For the pillows choose down pillows--easier to fluff and change the shape. Good luck!

Southern Sugar said...

oo la la! love it. is the room that the sofa is in open to the kitchen or dining room? i would get some swatches from your favorite fabric source for drapes and pillows and take the color scheme of your other rooms into consideration. don't you just love decorating? let us know what you go with. have fun!

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Love it! I also like georgia peach's ideas for pillows. Looking at yours makes me want a new sofa BADLY.

MMM said...

Preppy Sue...I've wanted those pillows for awhile! So funny you posted them!

Beth g...don't think we have a homegoods here in NYC, wish we did!

Something you, I played! =)

Kristina, beautiful things! Not sure I will make it to Greenwich anytime soon though. Do you know of anywhere in the city?

GA Peach...thanks so much for the wonderful advice! Now if I could only find an affordable fabric store and a good upholsterer. Any idea of a good online store I could order from?

Southern Sugar...our kitchen is open to our living room. We only have a 1 bedroom apt in the city. We are hoping to find an affordable two bedroom soon. Manhattan apt prices are pretty high! I don't know of any fabric stores in the city...anyone have suggestions? I do love decorating, but I really don't know what I'm doing. =)

Neha said...

Hey there! I got a similar colored couch from crate & barrel (mine is a few shades closer to off-white). And I love West Elm for accent pillows... I'm wondering if I should make the plunge and do espresso brown zebra pillows offset with either solid espresso or azalea pink! Just a thought to liven up the room!

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