Friday, January 11, 2008

Eight Bizarre/Random/Habits meme

I've been tagged on this one a few times and have finally come up with a few things for you!

Eight Bizarre/Random/Habits meme:

1. I can't go outside without my sunglasses. I have brown eyes, but they are SO sensitive.

2. I can't sleep without my down pillow. I travel with it at all times. I even brought it on my honeymoon.

3. I don't like to eat the same meal twice (except leftovers from Thanksgiving and Christmas.)

4. I normally don't drink while I eat.

5. I also can't sleep without a blanket...even when it is hot. I can't sleep with just a sheet or even no sheet...I know...strange...

6. I hate pickles, but I love cucumbers.

7. I don't drink milk very often, but when I do I only like to drink it out of a glass. I don't like to drink it out of a plastic glass. Not sure where I got that one from...I'm sounding stranger with every sentence I write. =)

8. I get a glass of water every night before I go to bed, but I only drink about 3 sips.


Amelia said...

HAHA. I don't know if those make you wierd... at least if they do, I am right there with you as I have all of those vices with the exception of the pickles!

amanda said...

You're not alone I have a lot of those quirks too. I can't stand to sleep without a sheet and blanket. I made my poor husband use our down comforter all summer. It's about the weight for me. I also do the water thing-I had Freddie getting that for me nightly, but somehow we've gotten out of that ;) I also never drink it. I just like knowing it's there should I wake up feeling parched.

Tickled Pink & Green said...

I'm a sunglass freak. I can't stand glare of any kind. I panic without sunglasses. I also like something over me at night - even when it's hot. I like something with some weight! And I also get a glass of water before going to bed and keep it on my nightstand. And I never finish it!

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