Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don't Be Jealous...

Tomorrow I get to have yet ANOTHER test run to figure out what is wrong with me. Here's what I'm doing today...don't be jealous. I'm so damn hungry! My sweet coworkers have not eaten in front of me all day. I think they are secretly worried I would attack them and eat their food if they did. I've consumed lots of liquids (I had an $80 Fresh Direct Liquid order earlier this week-my husband thinks I'm crazy, but ladies I'm ready to go in the clear liquid department) I've peed oh...about 10 times already today. I haven't started my prep yet. I going to hold off until I'm at home. If I started now that would REALLY not be pleasant for any of us. My sweet husband will be taking care of me tomorrow. Please keep me in your thoughts...especially for the fun ahead of me tonight!

A recipe for a really rough afternoon and night:


It is very important that you follow each step and complete all of these instructions or colonsocopy may have to be repeated.
**The bowel preparation will not work properly unless you drink plenty of liquids.**

Before starting your prep, obtain a 10-fl. oz. of Magnesium Citrate and Dulcolax Tablets over the counter from your pharmacy. The recommended dosage is: One (1) Bottle 10-fl. Oz of Magnesium Citrate and One (1) Box Dulcolax 20 mg (4 tablets, each 5 mg). DO NOT BUY RED COLORED MAGNESIUM CITRATE (CHERRY FLAVOR).

The Day Before Exam:

STEP 1 - Drink clear liquids only (NO SOLID FOODS) at least 24 hrs prior to the procedure.
Clear Liquids include:
· Water
· Fruit Juices without pulp (apple, white grape, lemonade, strained orange)
· Clear broth or bouillon (low sodium)
· Coffee or tea without milk or non-dairy creamer (sugar substitutes are fine)
· Carbonated or non-carbonated soft drinks (NO RED OR PURPLE)
· Kool-Aid or flavored drinks (NO RED OR PURPLE)
· Popsicles or Italian Ice (NO RED OR PURPLE)
· Jell-O without fruit or toppings (NO RED OR PURPLE)

STEP 2 - At 3:00 P.M.
· Take the 4 Dulcolax tablets with a full glass of water.

STEP 3 - At 5:00 P.M
· Take HALF of one 10 oz. bottle of the Magnesium Citrate
· Divide the laxative EQUALLY into three (3) empty cups
· Fill each cup with Gingerale (or any clear liquid of your choice)
· Drink each cup of the mixture every 10 minutes
· Drink First cup at - 5:10 p.m.
· Drink Second cup at - 5:20 p.m.
· Drink Third cup at - 5:30 p.m.

Individual responses to laxatives vary. This prep often works within 30 minutes but may take as long as 3 hours. Remain close to toilet facilities as multiple bowel movements may occur. Drink clear liquids for the rest of the day as much as you can - at least three (3) additional glasses.

Day of Exam:
At 4:00A.M. – FOUR (4) hours before leaving for your exam:
Repeat STEP 3 taking remaining HALF bottle:
· Drink First cup at - 4:00a.m.
· Drink Second cup at - 4:10a.m.
· Drink Third cup at - 4:20 a.m.

You may have clear liquids up to 3 hours before leaving for your procedure or up until the prep is completed.


Libby said...

Oh you poor dear! I'm glad to know that Hubby will be looking after you. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Buford Betty said...

You poor thing! That just sounds awful. I hope everything turns out OK and that the hubby and doggie are taking good care of you.

Sharp Lily said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have to have tests done, esp this one. I have Crohn's Disease so I've had many of them (too many for being this young!) I just moved from Manhattan and had an amazing doc there, email me if you want the deets, and good luck!!

suburban prep said...

All the best on the tests.
One of my brothers is 35 and he has had these often enough that he doesn't worry about them any longer. He has a very sensative stomach.

Anonymous said...

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayer.

Preppy Mama said...

So sorry to hear about your health. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it. YOu are in my thoughts.

N M B said...

That, my friend, doesn't sound at ALL enjoyable. If I were you, I'd use it at an excuse to buy something really lavish and expensive afterwards as a "reward". But that's just me! Good luck!! You'll be in my thoughts!

tulipmom said...

I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. I hope you get some answers.

magnoliabelle said...

UGH! Good luck and I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

Mrs.Preppy said...

That does not sound appealing at all. I hope you get some answers from these tests. I will be thinking good thoughts.

Belle in Bloom said...

I had to go through this with my Hunny last year. I'm so sorry you're having to do it. I hope they figure out what's going on soon. Good luck!

Melissa said...

That sounds terrible! I hope everything works out OK, and I'm glad your husband is going to take care of you!

Heather at Grace303 said...

That sounds awful. I am glad to hear that your husband is taking good care of you. Hang in there and keep us posted. We are thinking about you.

Annie said...

Oh, MMM, I'm a nurse, and I know this isn't fun at all. I'm sorry you have to do all this. I hope you can have some fabulous cheese dip soon and that it's actually good!! I agree, you do need a present- maybe the new mousepad? Hope your apt goes well today.

Marie said...

Oh I am so sorry you're having to go through this! I'm thinking about you today.

... and at Los Rancheros the other day, my friend said she knows how to make the cheese dip - it's two different cheeses that you get cut from the deli. She's going to email it to me and I'll send it along.

Mrs. LSL said...

You poor thing! I am so sorry. I have acid reflux, and have had similar tests and it stinks. I am a complete type A person, and after tons of tests, it was anxiety induced! So, I've been there too.

Hang in there, and think of how nice it will be to finally know what's going on. Take care, LSL

Weny Michele said...

I am thinking about you-

Hollyfarm said...

A bit of avice from someone who has had one every year for the last eight due to disease. Your doctor can prescibe pills rather than the discusting drink. Works just as well, and no bad taste. Don't worry the procedure itself is a breeze. Best of luck for the results.

Red and White Preppy said...

I'm so sorry to hear of this! Good luck with everything...

Duchess said...

I just had that test today and boy was it fun:-) No realy the prep stinks but the actual test? Not so bad because they knock you out and you wake up after everything is finished:-)

Good Luck! You are in my prayers.

Eat, Drink, & Sleep Preppy! said...

Hope your up to par soon!
Take care,

Mrs. STL Sarah said...

You know about my tummy issues... I've had two colonoscopies in the past year. No fun. Let me know if it turns out you have Sphinchter of Oddi Disorder- we can chat! Good times!

White Lily said...

I had to go through this twice in my life, so I feel for you...
I hope everything turns out fine.
I wish you luck, and you are in my thoughts!!!!

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