Monday, April 19, 2010

What to Pack for Beach Vacation?

Here's some of the things I don't want to forget to pack for our beach vacation. Do you have any other suggestions?
Things to pack:
ipod and ear phones and charger
phone charger
camera and charger (we just orderedthis one for my new "diaper bag" camera and to take on the trip so we didn't have to lug our big one to Mexico)
flip and extra batteries
dollar bills for tips
books (I ordered this one and this one) and magazines
swimsuits (I just got this top and this bottom in navy and this one in brown)
shorts and shirts
flip flops
huggies (for keeping those beers cold)

Things to do:
copies of passports
emergency authorization and insurance card to give to grandparents as well as contact numbers
call banks and let them know we'll be out of country

Just in Case:

Would love any other good travel tips you might have!!


mFw said...

Have copies of your license as well as passport copies both with you in other bags and with someone at home.

A friend was in Mexico for a service trip and lost her passport. She didn't have her license or birth certificate (or copies of her passport), so her dad had to fly down to Mexico with both of those things to get her back into the US.

Obviously this won't happen to you guys (she was very clueless)

Also, I'm almost finished with you keychain. Let me know if you want me to wait to ship it until your back in the country or what.


Mrs. Lopez said...

I recommend leaving your real jewelry at home. You may want to wear a nice CZ ring in place of your wedding ring, if you don't want to go bare, but I do not recommend wearing any valuable jewelry in Mexico.

tv said...

I also tend to bring Benadryl with me. My sinuses flare up at the most inconvenient times and I've been known to have weird reactions to food/pollen.

Definitely agree with the copies of important documents and keeping the good jewels at home. Not to scare you, but better to be safe than sorry. I have too many friends with not-so-pleasant stories thanks to a lack of thought.

Heather said...

we always bring a collapsable cooler packed in our suitcase. it's good for keeping cocktails cold in your room. unless you are staying at an all inclusive the drinks at the hotel can add up. this way we can enjoy adult beverages before dinner or after while relaxing on our patio/balcony.

Jillian, Inc said...

I used to travel internationally quite a bit and somewhere along the line I learned to take a swig or two of peptobysmol (sp?) before eating in places where you may bring home Montezuma's revenge. It serves to coat your stomach and somehow fights off the little stomach bugs. I loved vacationing in Mexico and my trips were fine after learned the pepto trick.

LG said...

That is a great list! I keep a running list on my iphone every year so I can remember things we missed the previous years.
A collapsable cooler is a good thing to have, especially at happy hour and by the pool.
EXTRA sunscreen,
lipbalm with SPF in it,
a ziplock bag or 2 to keep in your beach bag,
a spanish for dummies book! just incase

PS. I have never had ANY issues with things be stolen in Mexico. I am sure it depends on the area, but I have found the staff in those resorts much more honest that American hotel employees. For instance, they turned in my husbands iphone the year he left it behind.etc

Sara said...

If you're planning to call back to the U.S. to check in, make sure you have the International plan on your phone. Or buy a phone card before to use while you're over there. Those charges add up quick!! Made that mistake on our last trip to Mexico.

Have fun!

Miss Monogram said...

You will LOVE Devil in the Junior League--its such a great read :)

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