Monday, April 12, 2010

Toddler Meals and Din Dins Review

For the past couple of months, we have been doing all table food for Baby J. He will be 15 months on Sunday!
He currently enjoys:

mini pancakes
mini waffles
mini bagels
cut up strawberries
cut up grapes
cut up blueberries
cut up bananas
mandarin oranges (one of his fav, I try to buy the kind where they are in water)
hummus (he liked this for 2 months and now won't touch it)
animal crackers
gerber yogurt melts
gerber puffs
earth's best puffs
graham crackers
bits of turkey, ham, cheese
bits of grilled chicken or chicken nuggets
fish sticks
cut up pbj
cut up grilled cheese
cut up quesadillas
sweet potatoes
french fries
turkey or regular hamburgers
veggie burgers
broccoli pancakes
spinach cakes
green beans
edamame (used to like these for a few months)
diluted apple juice

He does not like:

watermelon (or any other melons)
certain foods that he loved for 2 months???

Do you have any toddler friendly recipes? Any other ideas of foods I should try to give him? Veggies are SO HARD! I would love your ideas!

There is one very innovative lady, Jodi Greebel, recently started a company called Din Dins and she has some great ideas of nutritional foods that you can feed your little one. You can join them on facebook here. 

Baby J had the opportunity to test out the goods recently. Here he is enjoying a cranberry zucchini muffin and some milk. I tried the muffins and let me tell you, I feel like I should order a few in the future for me too! J loved them so much that he knew where I put them in the fridge and everytime I opened the door he went to grab for one!

Here is what came straight to our apartment:

Cute little packages that go right into your refrigerator with cooking instructions and ingredients listed on the sides.

This is the artichoke, corn and chicken quesadilla.  J LOVED these!

Another pic of the yummy muffins!

Unfortunatly, my son is not a big pasta fan. I've tried several times, but I just can't seem to get him to eat it!

He did enjoy a couple bites though.

We enjoyed trying out Din Dins. My husband works very long hours and is not often home before J goes to bed so J eats separate meals from us and I always have to figure out what I'm going to feed him. It was SO NICE to have a few days worth of healthy and yummy food in my fridge so I didn't have to worry about it. What a wonderful service! We will defintely be trying it again in the future.

For those of you that live in NYC, DinDins currently only delivers to Manhattan zip codes, but maybe they'll expand to your area soon! Ordering info can be found here.


mFw said...

I'm impressed! I think he eats more foods than I do. I was an only child and my mom hated cooking so when I got a little older she would just make whatever I wanted. So, I picked the same few things, and am now super picky.

Baby J is just adorable!

Dollface said...

this is so cute!! my bff is trying to give the baby green beans, but she does not like them!! xxxoo

Sara said...

He's eating a pretty good variety. Good for him!

My son is 13 months and eating most of that stuff too. He does the same thing though. One week he'll love something (so I stock up) and the next week he won't touch it! ???? Crazy.
Sometimes I buy the already cooked rotisserie chickens and pick off the breast meat for H. He loves it! Very easy and quick for a protein source.

Such a cutie!

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