Friday, April 16, 2010

Questions for you and Questions for me!

Over the past few weeks a few of you have emailed me or left me questions in the comments so I figured I would answer those here and also open the floor to any other questions you might have for me!

1) Where did you get Baby J's Easter basket?

I bought J's basket from this store:  We love the basket and got so many compliments on it.

Here's the post I did on it last year on sear:

I even have a pic of him IN it from last year! They grow up so fast. I hope they stay in business a long time so they can do my future kids 10 years or so. =)

2) Where did you find all of your Red Wagon party decor? Especially the mini wagons? I bought the stuff from all over, but the mini wagons and a lot of the paper products came from

Here are the mini wagons:

and here is kit you can buy:

3) Did you ever find a white sweater for Baby J?

I did! Thanks for all of your help. I bought mine from the Kangaroo Pouch in Atlanta. That is where I got J's Easter Outfit, so they sent me one too!

I also have a few questions for y'all!

1) Can anyone recommend a great pool float for 15 month old?

2)What sunscreen do you use on your little one?

3) Favorite mixed drink and favorite tropical drink? We leave for Mexico in a few days and I'm going to try them all! Ha, Ha!

4) What are you getting your Mom for mother's day?

Happy Friday!


Mrs. Kristen Faber said...

I loved our float we used in Kauai the last 2 weeks:
and the one we have at home Sunshade baby float. I actually preferred the one from vacation better!

The sunscreen we use daily is Neutrogena Baby Lotion SPF 60:
Love this!

Have a blast on your vacation!!!

LLG said...

Nutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen I believe its SPF 60!

Michelle said...

Ohhh where are you going in Mexico? Went to Playa Mujeres near Cancun for Christmas. I was a big fan of strawberry daiquiris or a dos equis beer.

I usually send my mom a really nice arrangement of flowers. She's in Florida & I'm in NYC - wish we could be together!!

Anonymous said...

My mother used Avon on me and loved it even more when they changed the formula. It's very friendly, as far as sunscreens go. I have missionary friends who stock up on it.
Most of my friends though refuse to use sunscreen and dress their little ones in loose, long sleeved, light colored clothing and large hats.

I am getting my mother a salon visit for mother's day. She needs her hair to be pampered.

Edison said...

I use California Baby sunscreen & my mom is getting a Britax Marathon for Mother's Day

Edison said...

I use California Baby sunscreen & my mom is getting a Britax Marathon for Mother's Day

Elizabeth H. said...

We use the Neutrogena Pure and Free stick on Annie's face and the lotion on her body.

Pleasantly Surprised said...

We use the Aveeno Baby sunscreen.

I like how it doesn't make the baby oily and isn't white on the baby's skin. I have a red head so we have to be extra careful in the sun because he has fair skin. Also suggest breaking out the hats!

sweet tea in a pink glass said...

I don't know about a float but living in florida sunscreen research was a big one for me...what I found is that the neutrogena pure and free is the best and free of all the chemicals.

Have a few drinks for me...

Mrs.Preppy said...

I use the Neutrogena baby sunscreen or the baby kind that comes in the spray can. It makes applying the sunscreen on a moving target much easier.

Kristin.A said...

I love Mustela sunblocks, they go up the SPF 50, and you can also get them for sensitive skin/areas.

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