Monday, September 7, 2009

Thanks to Ann Margaret's Tea SpecialTea Shoppe

A long belated thanks to a sweet friend for sending this cute package for me and Baby J:

A sweet Mickey Monkey for Baby J (this was during the phase about 3 months ago where he lost all of his baby hair...poor kid!)

A pendant with my baby boy's picture!

Cute container!

I love the cache pot everything came in, it's a pretty baby blue toile.

Sweet Hawaiian Mickey Monkey with flip flops for Baby J!

Yummy Scone Mix (I can't wait to make these in my new kitchen!)

Pretty tulip note cards

The most delicious assortment of teas!

Everything all wrapped up and pretty! What a great surprise!

Thanks Ann Margaret!

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Anonymous said...


Well, the days have gotten by me, but I know you can relate with all of the unpacking and such...I just wanted to tell you again that you truly made my day with your sweet post! :) I love all the cute pictures and your sweet comments! Hope Jack and Mickey are having fun being friends! Thanks so much for taking time to share this with your readers; I had such fun getting it ready for you! :)

Hope you're having a "tealightful" day!


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