Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Doodle Bugs Paper Show-Calling Cards

I have a really cute set of calling cards and so does Baby J. We use our calling cards on gifts for friends. I love them. They are very practical, the gift receiver knows who the gift is if there are 20 other gifts and I feel like they are kinda like the cherry on top of the present, just as important as the ribbon. However, there are certain circumstances where the gift is from our family and I really need some family calling cards that have our last name on them. I'm loving these options. Which do you like? Do you use calling cards for your kids, yourself or your family?

During my sale, you can get 30 calling cards for $18.00! You can buy a set for your child, a set for yourself, or a set for your family. These make great birthday gifts for your Mom, sister or best friend! Click here to check out all of the cute calling card options at Doodle Bugs Paper. Use code MMM to get 10% off until September 13th.

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