Monday, September 7, 2009

Selling On Ebay Again

Kay Unger New York, Size 6 Black Dress with Pink/Peach silk band

This dress is new with $250.00 tag! Great deal and so cute, my post partum hips just won't fit into it and I would rather buy some more baby clothes! =)

Men's Chappy Vineyard Vines Swim Trunks, Size Large

These are new with tags. They didn't fit A so I need to sell them! They retail for $79.50.

So comfy!

The most comfortable dress ever. Perfect for fall!

1 comment:

Mrs. Lynch said...

I think you should keep the dress.If not for motivational purposes, for you when you get back to pre baby weight.You can do it!! But I totally understand the baby clothes thing.Dont get me near a store with any little people clothing.Dangerous.

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