Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random Things On My Mind

*Baby J is sick. Poor sweet thing. He caught a cold while we were at the beach. Then he threw up 1 time on Sat, 1 time on Sunday and I thought we were done and he threw up all over the Bugaboo while we were meeting about paint colors in our new apt. I took him to the doc last Friday and called again today. Not much I can do appreciatively, just watch him and give him pedialyte. He isn't running a fever. We were up half the night last night and I just now got him back down tonight. Poor little thing. It just breaks my heart seeing him feel sick. The Bugaboo did great in the wash for those of you who have yet to have the pleasure of removing the seat due to a pool of baby vomit. Lovely. I'm a real Mama now!

* The movers are coming in 10 days. We are finally moving to a two bedroom apt. It's time! NYC apt prices have come down so much and we got a great deal! Guess where we are moving...across the street. But, moving is moving and everything has to be packed up this weekend. Jealous? Come pack with me or entertain my child. I'm also going to need a new address stamp and some moving cards!

*Football starts this weekend. ROLL TIDE ROLL! Baby J has quite the collection of Alabama gear (including the elephant above that his Grandmother bought him.) I'm so excited! He is still in need of a smocked Bama outfit. There is one from Vive La Fete, but it is $70.00, anyone seen any other options?

*I'm looking for a long sleeve casual cotton white shirt for Baby J to wear under Jon Jons to extend their wear into the fall. Anyone seen a good quality one? We have a great short sleeve one from Bailey Boys, but have not seen a long sleeve version.

*We are going to order this duvet or this one. Which do you like better? We will already have the pick stitch quilt in soft green and two shams. Our bed is a dark cherry sleigh bed.

I've got a lot to do! I should get some rest. Night night. Be sure to enter my giveaway number 5. The link is on the sidebar to the right.


Cee said...

I like the first duvet option...very classic! As for baby clothes...I have no idea there, but I hope Baby J feels better soon!

Rachel H. said...

I love the sandalwood duvet cover over the blue one...I just think that it'll go with more things and more colors over time.

As for a smocked outfit, try Etsy. I didn't find a smocked one yet, but I didn't look much. But I did find this cute one...http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=29747638

Check it out!

AEOT said...

I'm so sorry baby J is sick. Not fun for either of you. Just continue with the pedialyte or a watered down juice and keep him hydrated! And I can't imagine that packing with a sick kid will be fun. If I were closer, I'd come help!

I can't wait to see baby J in his Bama outfits- too cute! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

stepht said...


This is a great shirt for under john johns- it looks super cutre and washes well

Some Like it Southern said...

So sorry that Baby J is sick! Hope he get better soon!

I love blue duvet, it's beautiful and classic and will pair well with your green linens.

I think RagsLand has some shirts you are looking for.

I know Target has some but I was unable to find them on their site. I have to run out there today (maybe tomorrow) and would be happy to text you a pic.

Hope y'all are having a nice day!

Kate said...

Poor Baby J! I hope he is feeling better soon.

That photo is adorable!

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