Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ame & Lulu

Are y'all familiar with Ame and Lulu? I had never heard of them until they contacted me about reviewing one of their cosmetic bags. I'm so glad they did! I've been looking for an alternative to my Vera Bradley overnight luggage that has my maiden name monogram on it. I'm definitely in the market for an Ame and Lulu overnight back and I know that is one thing I want for Christmas!

Ame and Lulu sent me the cosmetic bag in the below pictures. It is their bungalo fabric. It is very well made and the lining is extra thick. I hate it when the lining is cheap and you know it is going to rip apart after just a few uses. The fabric is so pretty and I received a few compliments on a recent trip where I used it. It really is pretty! Cosmetic bags never seem to wear very well with me so I'm looking forward to putting this one to the test.

An up close of the fabric I picked!

The inside. I love the green with the THICK waterproof lining.

How cute is this? Should I monogram it or is that too much? What color would you monogram it?

Great size!

This is the pick they have on their website.

Here are a few other things I found while checking out Ame and Lulu's website:

I would like you to meet my future overnight bag. With a pink monogram, the two of us will be looking quite charming on our overnight trips! She is called the resort overnight bag. Hello pretty girl, oh the places we will go!

I love this one too! The green really pops. This would make a good diaper bag. Hmmm. I can always use another diaper bag, right?

This jewelry pouch is always a good choice. I love the brown with the hot pink.

Another great option for my baby boy diaper bag or a great carry on bag for the plane. These everyday totes come in lots of fun patterns. Check them out here.

But, I should probably get it in the pattern to match my future overnight bag, right? Baby J might not want me to use it as a diaper bag then. Hmm. So sweet and pretty. This pattern just makes me happy.

How fun is this? A little tee caddy. I should really have taken golf lessons when my Dad and Mom begged me to when I was younger. I never realized how smart my parents were until I had my own baby.

This pattern is also really pretty. I could see a few of my friends with it, of course, I will stick with my pink and green. But, wouldn't this look pretty in pink and green too!

Here is one of their tote inserts. Has anyone tried one of these before?

If I had taken up golf, then I certainly would need a set of these head covers!
This looks like the set my Mom would have if she played more golf. Right Mom?

I keep coming back to this pattern..

Now, I did play tennis growing up (Alta anyone?) and in high school and I would have loved to have this pretty little case. It is precious! This is their junior cover.
When I move back to the South someday, I plan to take tennis back up and I will buy this racquet cover because it is just gorgeous. They have lots of other pretty options though.
I'll need this tennis tote back too. Also available in all of the fabulous fabrics.

Do you have anything from Ame & Lulu? See anything you like? They have free shipping on all orders over $100.00 right now.


a H.I.T. said...

That website looks great! And the little tee holder is really adorable.

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Love Ame & Lulu. I have been eyeing their golf club covers.

Cee said...

Cute stuff! I love the overnight bags!

Cherish said...

C-U-T-E! Can't wait to check out their site! I love the golf covers!

Dollface said...

um yes, monogram it!!! it would look super cute and I love the lining, xxxxoo

Rachel H. said...

Cute stuff! Thanks for posting...I'll go check it out!!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I've seen some of their stuff at Paper Affair, and I think it is too cute! You should definitely monogram the cosmetic bag, it would be cute if it matched the green lining! =)

Seige said...

cute bags. maybe they should host a giveaway :)

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

thanks for sharing this site with us. i love everything you posted about!

Ashley said...

I think you should Monogram it in NAVY. Would look really sharp.

thepreppyprincess said...

We are big fans of their products Miss MMM, but don't actually own any pieces. They have wonderful designs, they are so well made, and they are also loads of fun.

Enjoy your Thursday!

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