Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catching Up

Here are some bullets to catch you up with what's been going on in MMM land.

~6/8 (Sunday before biggest week of work) my poor husband got food poisoning. He was so sick that we almost ended up in the emergency room. He stayed home from work on Monday for the first time since he started his job almost a year ago

~My good NYC friend A (threw the cute shower for her a few weeks back) was due 6/16 with little Elizabeth--but no sight of her yet. I'll keep you posted. I also recently learned that A and her husband are moving back to the South (to the city where I previously lived before moving to NYC). I'm jealous and sad for myself to lose yet another friend and excited for them that they will get to buy a nice house and enjoy their baby girl! Time to find some more friends...easy come...easy go up here! Know someone that lives in NYC that could be my friend? I'm recruiting. =)

~6/7/Daisy's sister Lily was bitten by a snake (probably a cottonmouth) at my parent's beach house and almost died. My Dad thought she has broken her leg because she started limping after going for a quick dip in a creek on their long walk. My Dad carried her home and they took her to the vet (1 hour away) for X-Rays. The vet figured out that it must have been a snake bite and sent my Mom to the closest emergency animal hospital (another hour away) for anti-venom shots. They sedated poor Lily and instructed my hysterical Mom to drive carefully and slowly. After checking Lily out the vet at the animal hospital told my Mom that she might not make it through the night. They started the anti-venom treatment (a mere $750 a bottle) and told my Mom to go home to my extremely upset Dad. Almost one week later Lily is being released from the animal hospital with a clean bill of health. I'm so glad she fought through this! It was so scary!

~My Mom's entire family had a reunion in Palm Springs last week (my grandmother lives there). They do it once every four years. Unfortunately, due to the meeting I missed it. My sister's flight also got messed up and she missed it too. I hope I'll make the next one, I'm the oldest of 13 grandkids!

~My friend J's wedding is this weekend and one of my best friends K's baby shower is this weekend down South. I'm one of the hostesses but I won't be able to attend...or will I...TBD...

~A and I have been apartment hunting like crazy. At this point I think we've seen around 25 apartments. We are looking for a Daisy friendly, two bedroom on the UES--if you know of a great one let me know!

~It's finally WARM here in NYC! I'm loving the weather and being able to wear all my summer clothes-FINALLY!

~Daisy has two dogwalkers and one of them retired so she has a new one. So far, so good. She's doing great. Still enjoying this toy and a few my little sis sent her.

~Saw STC movie with A. Loved it, loved it, loved it. It was even cooler that we saw it in NYC.

~My meeting went great! I worked about 80 hours last week and I have still not recovered. I'm beyond exhausted, but I survived and it was a very successful meeting. Three cheers and thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers! One of the pharm companies that I did an extra meeting for sent me the most beautiful flowers---dark pink peonies, green orchids, hot pink roses. Wow! Flowers make me so happy.

~I'm still on a spending freeze so no exciting purchases to report.

~I received my wonderful Summer Swap package in the midst of my meeting so didn't have time to take pictures, but thanks sweet partner for all of the goodies! Let me know when you get yours!

~I have Thursday and Friday off! YEAH for working so much overtime!

~I'm eagerly counting down the days to my vacation and 1st anniversary! I can't believe it has already been a year.

~My friend from college J is being induced today. Good luck J! I can't wait to meet your perfect little man.

Ok, think that gets us all caught up. Hope y'all are doing great. I missed you and I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs.



Farrell & Lauren said...

I will be your friend- haha! I finally have a southern friend in the city and we are trying to get together once a month. Next stop- queso in the East Village. You are always welcome to join!- LG

Lauren said...

I am glad things are going well! I am so sorry your parents dog was bitten at the beach. That is so scary, especially when you aren't close to a vet.

Enjoy your week! I am going to email you about The Excellence.

Sunshine In The City said...

I'll be your friend! I'm always up for meeting new people (especially southern girls like me!)

Preppy Mama said...

I totally will be your friend, but I live in Westchester so we could go to the outlets together! You are welcome anytime!
So sorry to hear about your parents dog. Glad she is on the mend. How scary!!

Maria said...

So sorry to hear about your dog's sister, but happy to hear she turned out ok!

PS. If your still looking for new friends, sign me up I like meeting new people too.


Kerry said...

One of my very best friends lives in NYC - she just got married and is a ton of fun!

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