Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary To My A!

As honor of our one year anniversary on June 30th here are some more of our wedding pictures taken by Courtland Williams. Please do not copy the pictures without permission. You can email me at For more pictures of our wedding that I have previously posted, go to the "wedding" label or "wedding outfts", or "wedding accessories."



heather said...

So very gorgeous!!!

Congratulations on your big anniversary!!


lisagh said...

Beautiful! Happy Anniversary and many, many more.

Belle in Bloom said...

So beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary! Everything looked beautiful. I hope you and your husband are having a wonderful vacation!

Etiquettely Correct said...

Happy anniversary! The picture of your husband kissing you is priceless! You're both adorable

Some Like it Southern said...

Loved seeing all the pictures! You had a beautiful wedding!
Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Especially love your flowers - so pretty!

Congrats on the new apartment too, btw.

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