Friday, March 5, 2010

Spotlight Store-Scribbles n Such

Another long overdue product review....I'm getting there though! The ladies at Scribbles n Such, based in Dallas, have created some very unique stationary items. Their designs are fun and lively and VERY affordable. I had the chance to check out a few of their items and was quite impressed. I love the homemade look...I could almost pass it off to a friend like I worked really hard on their birthday card! =) Be sure to check out their $5.00 items! The price can't be beat!

Here are a few of my favorite items on their website:

I love their reusable bags! So many cute options, but this is my favorite.

How cute are these? They get me in the mood for a spring cocktail at an outdoor picnic! They would also be adorable for a little girl's birthday party or an outdoor shower.

I need to order some of these for my birthday collection. What girlfriend wouldn't want to recieve this sweet card in the mail on their special day. I used to be so good about sending cards. I need to work on that one again, it is yet another thing that has taken backseat to my little man (he's so worth it though)!

Adorable tiny notepad. Perfect for right by the phone or in your purse. So cute to write down a quick grocery list or a friend's phone number or address.

Another adorable reusable bag option. I still do not use these for my groceries. I really need to work on that! Their lunch size is perfect for those of you who like to bring your lunch to the office!

Their circle cards are cute and creative. They fold so you don't need an envelope. So cute! Love the aqua and red!

How cute are these tall cards? LOVE THEM!

Sweet postcards for a friend to let you know you are thinking of them.

Every preppy girl needs these thank you notes in her collection. How quickly do you get your thank you notes out?

Another fun thank you note option.

They have a great assortment of bag tags that you can write your own info on and they are attached with ribbon. Perfect for your diaper bag!

This is probably my favorite item. I love to write things down and this meal planner is perfect for my weight watchers diet. You have got to buy yourself a pad of these! So cute and so practical!

Perfect birthday cups!
Celebrate everything!

Become their fan on facebook and check out their blog here.


Trish said...

Such super cute items! I am personally loving the printed party cups! Perfect for SO MANY occasions! I'm going to check out their blog now. Thanks for the recommendation!! XOXO Happy weekend!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Great many cute items!!!

Anonymous said...

Love all of these Miss MMM, we're off to visit the website!

Hope you have a splendid week,

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