Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Did you have a good St. Patrick's Day? Here are a few pictures from our St. Pat's Day last year. Daisy dressed up in her scarf, my little sister was in town and we went to the St. Patrick's Day parade. Look at my little lephracan in his green. His shirt said "Wee Bit Irish." He actually is a wee bit Irish. My grandmother was a 3rd (help me out here Mom) generation Irish immigrant.

This year, Mommy woke up with a bit of a headache. I went out with a couple Mommy friends last night to this wonderful restaurant. I HIGHLY reccomend it! We celebrated for a mere 5.5 hours and all our husbands wondered if we would ever return. It was so much fun!

After J's nap we headed over to our very first swim lesson. I grew up as a swimmer. I was on the Country Club league at our club in Atlanta from age 5-13 (or whatever age they kick you off.)  I've always loved to swim and was lifeguard certified all through high school and college. I even taught swim lessons to kids out of my parent's back yard pool in the summers, so I was SO EXCITED to introduce my baby to swimming. He wasn't a fan of floating on his back, but he loved blowing bubbles and being on his tummy. I'm looking forward to many more classes and teaching him to love the water as much as I do.


Picked out your favorite Shrimp and Grits outfit yet? There is still time to order from me. See my post here and email me at with your order! Here are a few more of their cute outfits to consider. I ordered Baby J those smocked crab swim trunks! Aren't they adorable! =)

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Miss Anne said...

I had a great st.patty's... liked wearing green... wish our town was more festive!


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