Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sick Baby, New Baby Ideas and Easter Baskets

We've had a rough two weeks! Thursday, we went to the peditirican for the THIRD time in less than 2 weeks. J had a double ear infection, then one ear cleared up, then both got infected again. We're on our second dose of antibiotics and our third pack of boogie wipes, but today he is running a fever again. We've been up with sweet baby boy multiple times each night. My poor baby! The doc thinks this dose will do it and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't end up with tubes (although will certainly go that route if that is what the doc reccomends.) He's sleeping now and I need to go to bed so I can catch up on some sleep. Has anyone else had experience with multiple ear infections like this?

One of my best friends just had a baby. I bought her daughter a couple of cute big sister books and one of Baby J's favorites too. Books are a great gift for a toddler big sis! Her baby boy received a monogrammed A. Tierney infant sunhat. I LOVE these hats (I also gave 2 other hats to two other friends of new baby boys)! Baby J has had one in every size since he was born. He just got his 18 month size...the last size before we move up to the toddler hat.

Another thing that my college friends and I have been doing for our new Mommy friends is pooling together our funds to buy gift certificates for food. Our group of KD pledge sisters are now spread out all over the country, so we are unable to just stop by and bring a casserole to help out those first few weeks. The way we did it was that our sweet friends either sent me a check or money via paypal (in whatever amount they could afford-anywhere from $15-$50) and I went online and bought gift certificates from their favorite restaurants and had them mailed directly to the New Mommy. Our most recent new Mommy of 2 received gift certificates from Whole Foods, Zea, Papa Johns, Carrabbas, and PF Changs. She sent me an email and said it is like Christmas everyday! =)New Mommies need their friends more than ever and the gift certifcates are an easy and thoughtful way to be there for your friends even though there are miles between you.

My Mom sent this book and this book for Baby J as an early Easter gift. He loves them both! I've got to start thinking of cute little things to put in his Easter Basket. Any ideas for toddler Easter basket goodies? Don't have your baby's first Easter basket yet? Here's my post I did last year on the subject. I bought this one last year for Baby J and it is ADORABLE!

We are about to book our trip away. It looks like we are going to go to Mexico and we will leave Baby J with my parents. We had wanted to go to a smaller island, but due to the fact that flights are limited (and longer), we decided we needed to be somewhere with multiple daily flights to maximize our time away and to be able to get back in case of an emergency. This will be the first time I've left Baby J for more than 1 night. =(

Stay tuned for a fun giveaway that starts tomorrow! I have one scheduled for the next couple of weeks, so try out your luck! Leave a comment if you have won one of my giveaways before and let everyone know what you won to inspire them to try to win this time!

Have you picked what you want from my Shrimp and Grits online trunk show yet? Here are a few more cute choices to entice you: Want to order one? See my post below for details or just email me at

Here are a few more pictures of the cute items you can buy!


Love Being a Nonny said...

Two of my three had LOTS of ear infections. (One had so many that he had tubes at SIX MONTHS!) They are grown now with no side affects from the infections and only one has a very small problem with seasonal allergies. Hang in there. It's TOUGH while you are going through it!

LOVE the idea of gift cards for a new mom. GREAT idea!

Suburban Princess said...

I found the cutest little golf set for my son for easter...the handle of the golf club is a carrot! TDF!!! I also got him a little jumping bunny thing and I will get him some clothes too.

Anonymous said...

ditto with the tubes at 6mos hang in there mama! have you elevated his mattress at an angle, humidifier and cut down on wheat (and later dairy )for him--seemed to help us--seriously, see an ENT and jump on tubes if you can-a lifesaver!

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