Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Ugly Chairs--Help

I have got to do something with these two ugly chairs. This beauty below is my husband's favorite chair. Any ideas on what kind of fabric I should cover it with. I wanted to put it back on the street where it belongs after we got our new chair, but my husband just couldn't do it. I don't want to spend a ton recovering it, but want it to blend with the sofa and other chair. Any suggestions?

This is the other chair I do not like. I love wing back chairs, but navy blue leather really isn't my thing? Any suggestions to make everything blend?

Here is the trim on the pillows of our khaki linen sofa.


Lauren said...

I cannot offer much advice on home decor. In fact, I could use some advice myself! Happy Homemaker has a great eye for interior design. I hate to volunteer her, but maybe you could send her an email.

I hope you have a nice week!

Biddy said...

buy a king size sheet in a color you like, drape it over the chair with the good side of the sheet facing the chair. pin the sheet along all the curves and corners, sew, turn right-side out and voila! a slipcover!

or, hancock's has their butter suede on sale for $3.99 a yard right now

magnoliabelle said...

I had that exact same blue wingback chair until a few months ago! My solution to it was to give it back to my parent's - sorry I can't help :(

This is the story said...

I don't know how I found your blog, maybe because of my blog & daughter's name??? Anyway, I love to check in every now and then because I love the preppy stuff too. Can't help but comment on this one because I love to decorate, love furniture (I upholster and my husband builds furniture as hobbies)and I can envision your awesome navy wingback with your new furniture! That chair is great, you just need some accessories. How about some pillows with different shades of blues and a soft blue throw to put on the couch. That would help pull it all together. Putting bits of blue around the room will make it look blended. Look at WS Home for inspiration. I like the advice given on covering your other chair with a sheet or how about putting it in the bedroom, hallway, etc???
Good luck and great blog!

Jessica @ The Love List said...

I have an interior designer working with my blog who is offering free pro design advice for dilemmas just like this - he's big time- does work for HGTV, style network, etc. I'd offer you advice but he could do you one better for sure. His email is, shoot him a note with a link to this post :)


Jessica @ The Love List said...

- Kyle answered your question today :)

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