Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NYC Preppy Blogger Meet up

If you haven't heard we are having a NYC blogger meet up in a few weeks.

Adventures in Argyle

Essential Luxuries
Hello Darling
Jewish Girl in Wasp's Clothing
The Lunch Belle
The Preppy Vegan
Sunshine in the City
and me!!

If you live in the NYC area and want to join us for dinner and drinks, email our fabulous organizer TAG at


Sunshine In The City said...

I'll be attending too! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

Preppy Wedding said...

Booo. I want to come!!

White Lily said...

Booo, I'd love to be there too. Next time perhaps.

MT said...

I can't open the link to RSVP. Where in the city? I don't blog but, read them all faithfully.

MT in Westchester

Call the Preppies In said...

Darn it! If I would have only stayed in the city a few more weeks..I loved being able to meet you and can not even imagine how fun the "NYC Preppy Blogger Meet Up" would be. Did you mention a date? I just might have to fly back....

Traci Anne said...

I can't wait to meet y'all!!

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