Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Update

Our weekend was great! My husband started the weekend off by bringing me some beautiful white lilies. They make our apartment smell so yummy. We ate dinner here with one of my best friends from college. This is one of my new favorite pizza places on the UES! We went to the haunted house I mentioned before. It was scary, but not as scary as the street it was on. Ha, Ha!
One of the things I love about NYC is Fresh Direct. You just go online, pick you groceries out and then they magically appear at your door. The selection still needs some work, but I even picked out a baby pumpkin! My husband and I did some discount shopping at Filene's Basement on Saturday. On a tip from my brother we went in search of Vineyard Vines. The women's collection was still pretty expensive because they mostly just had cashmere sweaters which were not in the budget after last weeks shopping spree. My husband had better luck. He found a this shirt and this shirt for $34.00! We enjoyed some great burgers for lunch here. We shopped at the farmer's market in Union Square and soaked up the warm weather. I picked up a beautiful pot of gold mums. Any tips on how to make them last? I always seem to kill plants. Saturday evening we took it easy and spent some quality time alone. In the hustle and bustle of our new schedules we don't get enough of that! We ate sushi at a local place and watched football.

Sunday morning we took Daisy to the blessing of the animals. If any of you have ever been to this type of service you know how amazing and fun it can be. There were about 50 or so dogs and cats making all kinds of noises! Daisy loved it and she even got a bag of treats at the end. Afterwards, we went for brunch and a cupcake from here.

Yes, I ate the entire weekend.

This week I have VERY exciting news...our sofa is finally is coming! It has been twelve weeks (not that I've been counting.) My husband says we are going to open a bottle of champagne and sleep on it for a week. (We actually got a really nice bottle in the mail last week for a wedding gift!) I know this sounds materialistic, but living without a couch has been really tough. I'll be sure to post pictures of our little beauty when she arrives. We are also finally getting DVR! Are we the last people to join the modern day world? I look forward to catching my favorite shows on my new couch, especially The Bachelor, Greys, The Hills, Gossip Girls, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives and Dancing with the Stars! WAY too much TV to watch at the correct times. Speaking of the Bachelor, how many of you are fans? I've been a fan since season 1 despite the horrible record. I love the Bachelor Recap blog. It was the very first blog I ever read.

Reader Questions:
1) See post before this
2) I want to plan a fall city getaway. We would only have the weekend. Does anyone have suggestions on a great place for us to go?
3) My blog needs a face lift...anyone interested in helping out. I'm clueless!
4) I need winter boots. Everyone keeps saying just to suck it up and get Uggs. Should I do it? Can I do it?
5) What kind of Christmas stockings do you have?

In other news, I will be having a surprise give away this be sure to check back often. I promise it will be AWESOME! Have a great week!


Suz said...

Glad you're getting adjusted to life in NYC. I'd be interested to hear what you think about the crumbs cupcakes - I find them too big and sort of dry, I much prefer Buttercup or Billy's or Magnolia.

MMM said...

I haven't had Billy's or Buttercup...they are on the list though! I LOVED Magnolia, but it is too far from us. My husband got me a crumbs bday cake and it was dry, but my cupcakes have been very moist and yummy. I had the reese peanut butter and chocolate (my fav combo) and my husband had the oreo one and they were FABULOUS!! Yes, they were big...but we liked that! =)Is that bad?

Suz said...

Big is always good, I just prefer to go to Buttercup and get 2 (or three) so that I can have some variety :)

Also, in regards to boots - you definitely need them, we have quite a bit of snow but the curbs are high so often there is good 3 inches of slush which makes walking around gross and messy. I abhor uggs (i understand they're comfy I just think they are so ugly) but I am in love with my bean boots (the high ones lined in shearling. Whatever you choose, it really doesn't matter how it looks, as long as its comfy and keeps you warm.

Weekend getaway - are you looking for beach? city? other? Do you guys have a car?

hello sunshine! said...

Try AJ Friedman's for the inserts! They're in Union Square, and though they're mainly an art store, they have photo albums and such there as well - they probably have them.

I haven't been to Filene's yet for VV - which one did you go to? I've only seen the belts at the one in Union Square.

2) For a fall city getaway, I'd look at going up to Mystic, CT or somewhere on Long Island - both are so cute and you can really see the leaves! I've heard Manhasset, on LI, is especially nice.

Personally, I ADORE my UGGs (chestnut Sunbursts). I don't care if people think they're ugly or off-trend (no offense, Suz :)) , they're flippin' comfy and SO warm. I find them to be totally fine in the snow; mine have been COVERED in snow and haven't changed color at all (once they've dried, I mean). I'm ready for cold weather so I can wear them!

Southern Cupcake said...

I love DVR. My only problem now is finding time to watch everything I record. Enjoy the new couch!

Fran said...

The Villa at Saugerties (in the Catskills) is a great, modern bed and breakfast that's just two hours north of the city. The website is It is perfect for a fall weekend away and the owners are a wonderful young couple.

MMM said...

Suz, my car is down south. We are looking for somewhere not too far from the city. I'm thinking mtns, lake, cute small town...somewhere great to see the leaves. I'll try Buttercup next. What street is it on?

Hello Sunshine, we went to the Filene's in Union Square.

Fran, thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

Suz said...

Hope I didn't offend anyone w/ my distaste for Uggs :)

Montauk is fun, you can take the train out there and then all around the town is easily walkable. Beautiful beach, cute shops, climb the lighthouse, etc . . . Also there is a place you can go horseback riding right on the beach.

Buttercup is on 2nd Ave btwn 51st/52nd on the West side of the street.

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Have you been to the Hamptons? It's probably beautiful this time of year and everything is so quaint and old fashioned (the stores, etc.) Also, a trip up to where West Point is would also be nice. West Point is gorgeous. Or anywhere in Conneticut. That's all I can think of. My stockings are tartan needlepoint ones I got from Lands End about 5(?) years ago. They are some of my favorite things EVER.

Kate said...

I second Suz's recommendation for the shearling lined Bean Boots...I have an ancient pair of Uggs that I wear trudging out to get the mail & that kind of thing but...they are Ugg-ly!

Montauk is a great rec. too...hmmm...must check out Suz's blog:)

Kate said...

Oh and...

I think I have seen those photo inserts at Target.

We *had* hand-embroidered stockings that my husband's Nana made, but I think they have vanished in our recent move:(

Suz said...

Hamptons are awesome this time of year but you really need a car to get around, the towns are pretty centrally located but the beaches are a few miles away.

White Lily said...

4) I need winter boots. Everyone keeps saying just to suck it up and get Uggs. Should I do it? Can I do it?

Suck it up and get UGGS, you will not regret it...

5) What kind of Christmas stockings do you have?

Felt craft stockings, I made them!!!

Lori said...

My Christmas stocking is white velvet and I recommend the Berkshires, it's spectacular this time of year and there's great food, charming B&B's and the shopping is fun! It's a great weekend getaway!!

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