Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fall in the City

The weekend at our beach house was wonderful. My brother drove down from Atlanta and it was great to spend some time with my parents. My husband was not able to come because of work. =( We watched the football game (don't want to talk about it), I made seven layer dip, went and got my bushwacker at Pirate's Cove and went for two boat rides with my Dad. On one of our boat rides we were surrounded by a pod of about 20 dolphins. It was so amazing! There were babies and they came right up to our boat. Lily (Daisy's older sister) could not get enough of the dolphins, she was mesmerized!

My Mom and I hit the outlet on Saturday morning and I found a great price on a beautiful camel coat from JCrew. We found some really cute zebra print shoes at Ann Taylor. I bought my husband a suit at Brooks Brothers and it was $400.00 less than at the store in NYC. I also stocked him up on his favorite non-iron shirts. He even requested a PINK shirt! Ladies it has only been three months and we are making progress. I've been trying to get him to wear a pink shirt since the day we met. I love men in pink shirts, they just look sexy.

I've been doing quite a bit of shopping lately. My husband called me at the beach and said I had received 4 packages in 24 hours. Oops! I received my pink and green monogrammed photo album with my new initials and this beautiful white silk monogrammed photo album with both of our initials from Pink Giraffe. This weekend I plan to put all my wedding photos in both albums. I did some online shopping for work clothes and I got some great new fall staples. My favorites include this dress from Ann Taylor Loft (which I wearing today), this preppy fall sweater from Jcrew, this short sleeve sweater and these cute pants from Banana Republic. As I was typing this I just realized my ATL dress is now on sale, so I just requested a price adjustment....hate when that happens. Hopefully they will give me the credit.

Last night I went with my new friend (wife of one of my husband's coworkers) to a screening for this movie. She had free tickets from someone at her office. Caroline Kennedy was in the audience! We met here first (my new favorite Mexican restaurant.) I love their guacamole (they make it table side) and pomegranate margaritas! If you are ever in NYC you have to try it. They also have one in Atlanta.

Tonight I have Junior League and I'm taking a class in non profit grant writing. I think that it will really help me with my new job since I have to write grant proposals. This weekend I'm looking forward to watching the Bama homecoming game at the Bama bar on Saturday. We are also going with a big group on Friday night to check this out! Looks scary and FUN! Is it Friday yet?


swann70 said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while and I am a really big fan! I've just started my own and I hope you'll check me out! :

Welcome back from the beach!

ATC said...

I just love the BR sweater! Have fun with the JL tonight!!!

I love your blog!

Britt said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I love the preppy J.Crew sweater and BR pants - great purchases (tell your husband the bloggers approved!!)

Belle said...

I love Rosa Mexicano. I've never been to the one in Atlanta but my best friend in NYC loves going their for her Mexican fix.

Southern Sugar said...

I love pink shirts too. Wierd isn't it? I just think they are so sexy. Only oxfords though. My hubby tried to surprise me once in Hawaiia, he came out for dinner in a pink RL polo. He is so not a pink shirt guy so I didn't have the heart to tell him it was all wrong. I thought I was the only crazy woman who loves a man in pink.

MMM said...

Welcome to blogland Swann70!

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