Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Misc Hodgepodge

We've experienced the circle of life this past week. Saturday A's cousin/J's Godfather got engaged to a fabulous girl in Paris! A friend of mines Grandfather died last Wednesday. A friend's healthy baby girl was born on Thursday. Another friends healthy baby girl was born on Friday. Last night we lost a wonderful family friend to stage 4 lung cancer. My heart is full of happiness and sadness this week. Please keep all of these families in your prayers.

What have we been up to? A's parents were in town Sat-Tues and then Baby J's Godmother and one of my best friends was in town this past weekend. We had a great time with everyone!

Baby J decided to not honor daylight savings time in the morning. My perfect 7pm-7am sleeper decided to wake up at 5am, 5:45am, etc the past few weeks. The past two days we are finally back to 7am, but I am no early bird and those mornings were killing me. His top two teeth are almost in so I'm sure that had something to do with it to.

What else is he up to? He is the cutest thing in the entire world, but he is the reason for my lack of blogging. He's 10 months old today and he is into EVEYRTHING! He is crawling, cruising and standing on his own for about 15-30 seconds. I feel like those first steps are coming soon. He has a great personality and smiles so much. He loves to go for long strolls and he is OBSCESSED with Daisy. The two of them together melts my heart. He'll be ONE in two months !

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. We are staying in the city and A's sister is coming to stay with us. We are going to watch the balloons be inflated in Central Park and go to the parade on Thursday! So fun! Are you doing anything interesting? What's on your menu? We need to start planning ours. Anyone have a great dressing or cranberry sauce recipe? I want to mix it up this year.

My sister is graduating from Alabama on December 12th so Baby J and I will spend 1/2 the month in Alabama going between the Gulf Coast and Birmingham. I can't wait to visit with friends and family! We will be in the car a lot though! Any tips for THREE long car rides with a 11 month old and 2 plane rides? We have got to move closer, this travel is killing me.

For those of you that have kids, what are your favorite 12-18 month toys? I need to make a list for the Grandparents for Christmas and Birthday! Can't wait to hear your suggestions!
We're thinking about getting this or this?

It's time to start planning Baby J's first bday! Any suggestions on themes? We'll probably just do it at our apartment since it cost like $1000 to rent anywhere in the city and it will be too cold in January to have it in the park! Yikes!

I've been busy with Junior League. Email me if you live in the city and want to get involved! We have a great holiday shopping thing coming up soon. Check out the website for details or email me.

I got another check from ebates this week! Y'all they have sent me $430.00 this year!!! How awesome is that! If you have not signed up, you are crazy. Click here and get started. (You get $5.00 and I get $5.00) If you have any questions, let me know. Basically if you can remember to go there and then search for whatever store you are about to make an online purchase from, you will get cash back. The big fat checks get paid every few months. I use it the most for and ebay. It's just one extra step, that pays! Do it for all of your Christmas shopping and you can treat yourself to something!

That's it for now. I need to take a shower before the little one wakes up. We have music class today! I love Little Maestros!


Suburban Princess said...

I picked up an aquadoodle and wooden puzzles for my little guy - he is almost 19 months. There isnt a lot out there for the 18-36 month crowd :O(

Emory said...

Emma got the Learning House last year for Christmas and still plays with it. Another favorite of hers is this
She might sleep in there if we would let her.

Susan D. said...

They have the learning house at Mother's Morning Out and all the kids seem to like it. The radio flyer wagon/walker is too cute. My girls are obsessed with chairs lately. They have a fisher price chair that makes noise, but they also just love their wooden rocking chair.

Dollface said...

wow a lot of things have been happening. I am sorry for the sad ones and cheer you for the happy ones!!! xxxooo

Rachel H. said...

I'm signing up for ebates now!! :) So cool! Sounds like you guys have a lot going on. And can't wait to hear what you decide for the big 1st birthday party! I'm sure it'll be great!

4DsfromLHP said...

The Fisher Price Learning House was BIG hit with my daughter on her first Christmas. Four years later, she was still playing with it (with her little sister) until I gave it away to a friend with 1 year old twins!

"Julie" said...

love ebates! My brother just got engaged in Paris too! So sorry to hear about your losses. Have an amazing week!

tulipmom said...

I'm sorry for your losses but happy for the good stuff.

We got the learning home for Eva's first Chanukah and she has loved it. But my parents got her a walker and that was well-received too. Can't go wrong with either.

So glad I stopped by!

PaperCourt said...

Both of my boys had ride on fire trucks that they LOVED. There were cheap plastic ones but they lasted years and the kids rode them until they broke (imagine 4-year-old on tiny one-year-old toy).

Anonymous said...

Goodness, what a lot you have had going on Miss MMM, what a range of emotional ups and downs you have experienced.

It's amazing to think your little guy is getting close to a 1st Birthday, that seems so amazing! And all that travel coming up reminds me of what we used to, especially around the holidays, it was insane, and we didn't have a little one either.

Sending you a smile and hopes the rest of your week is fabulous!

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