Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reader Question-Hot Spots


I've asked one other blogger this same question but your Daisy looks so much like my Baxley I couldn't NOT ask for your advice. I understand you are super busy with Baby J and I appreciate any help you might have. Baxley has developed horrible "hot spots" on his back and legs since his last trip to the groomers. The vet can't see him until Thursday evening but I'd like some first hand knowledge from actual golden owners. Has Daisy ever had these problems? Do you shave her during the summer?

Again, I really appreciate any advice you have. Baxley had some issues late last summer with a hot spot on his head but nothing like this and just like any pet parent I'm freaking a little (okay...a lot).

Thank you so much.



Hi G,

You are too cute! Daisy is actually having problems right now too. She won't walk up the stairs and had to be carried up last night??? She is walking and running around fine today and her dog walker said she was rolling around with the other dogs. The only time she seems to have problems in when she gets to the stairs. It is so strange. I think maybe she pulled something? I'm calling the vet in the morning to see if we should take her in or just give her time to heal.

On to your baby...Daisy has not had hot spots, but our old chocolate lab, Scarlet, did all the time and my Aunt's jack russell did too. For both of them, the vet would normally prescribe an ointment or spray. They'll normally shave the area around the hot spot and then treat it. If it is really bad they give them a shot of cortisone to help heal it. Perhaps some of my readers will have better tips for you.

I hope Baxley feels better soon!! I'll keep you updated on Daisy.



Jackie said...

Our poodle had these one summer. We gave her one tablet of benedryl (she is 20 lbs) every 12 hours to try and prevent her from licking/biting. We also used hydrogen peroxide, and just swabbed it every few hours. I think the best thing to do is prevent the dog from irritating the area! Hope that helps :)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Boudreaux, our Golden Retriever, has hot spots a lot, too. I've already email Gwen about it, but I hope that Baxley gets better.

I hope your Daisy gets better, too!!! :)

KK said...

If the spots showed up after you took him to the groomer, the tools may not have properly been cleaned. This happened to my dog and the vet prescribed him an antibiotic. It's pretty common and once my dog took the medicine, it immediately disappeared!

Aubrey said...

Can someone please tell me what a hot spot is? I am a cat owner right now but my parents are leaving their two dogs with me this summer and I may run into this. Do all dogs get these? Should I be concerned? Sorry for all the questions.

Kristin said...

Hello golden lovers. I, unfortunatley, am not the proud owner of a golden but hope to be soon. I did grow up with a golden and I have done A LOT of research on the breed. The hot spots could be due to several things, but more than likely an allergy type reaction from the groomers, if that's when they presented themselves. It shouldn't be a big issue. However, I know there's a lot of debate about this, but you are NOT supposed to shave, trim short, etc. your golden's fir. It is their protective coat, and even though it may seem like they get hot, it really keeps them cooler. Shaving puts them at risk for sun burn, skin irritation, etc. Here's a link that talks about why you shouldn't shave/trim your golden. http://www.adoptagoldenatlanta.com/article_shaving.asp I didn't know until I read this. Good luck!!!

LyndsAU said...

my baby daizy has the same problem. Sulfadene works wonders!!!

Dollface said...

Not sure about hot spots. But my bf's dog thunder, a pug, has these horrible itchies under both of his arms that make it look black under there. The doctor said it was a yeast infection, i know right? But we swab him and it works a bit. Hope to see u on my blog too!! xoxo

Gwen said...

You all are so fabulous!!!! This is why I love blogging!!! Baxley seems to be doing a little better now that everything seems to be drying up. He did chew on his leg pretty good yesterday afternoon but last night I cut the matted hair off and that seemed to help (I kind of think the hair was pulling and irritating him more). We've come to the conclusion that he'll never go back to this groomer and after seeing the vet Thursday afternoon hopefully we'll have some idea of what really may have caused this. Thank you all again for the help. It means so much to me. :) XOXO

...love Maegan said...

Baxley looks identical to the dog I had as a kid, Sam!

I had a terrier once with horrible hot spots ..my mom would slather calimign lotion all over him until his under side was pink! I don't know if that's the best option but that's what she used to do.

Stairs: We try to carry our pug and frenchie up and down all the time because they throw out their knees and hips b/c of them. ug.

heidi at frill seekers gifts ~ tales by the sea said...

my golden, King Rex, has the same thing right now. he has had these for almost a year. my research says it is "hyper pigmentation of the flanks" following a skin condition. our vet gave us a thyroid pill and some powder...but it did not help. goldens as a breed seem to have this hair/loss of hair/hot spot issue from all of the articles we've read. his skin under where the hair used to be is actually darkening. (hence the hyper pigmentation term) i wish we could figure out why. several of his siblings have had this, too. they were bread in Louisiana. help!

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