Friday, March 13, 2009

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Thank you for all of your suggestions with Baby J's reflux. We are going to try a few things, and I'll let you know what works. I appreciate all of you who told me to hang in there...if you have ever had a screaming baby with colic, reflux I think you have pity on others forever. It's tough. The doc changed our medicine to pepcid and we will see how that goes. Sweet baby got his 2 month old shots yesterday (a couple days early since we were already there). Ouch! I think they hurt me more than they did him. I highly advise not taking an infant to the pharmacy after his shots. I went to pick up his prescription and I experienced my first (and certainly not my last) public temper tantrum. Baby J was one unhappy camper! People were staring at me and the pharmacist rung us up wrong and had to get help. It was quite an experience!

Once he calmed down I decided I needed a high tech thermometer to make sure he did not have a reaction. The junk ones I had were not cutting it. We walked down to Giggle and picked up the Mobi baby thermometer. See picture and link below (it's actually cheaper on amazon then at Giggle but I was desperate). I LOVE this thermometer. It can go in the ear or you can scan their little forehead (great option for when they are sleeping). It also tells you the room temp and it talks to you! If only it could calm a cranky baby...Baby J slept great last night with a little baby Tylenol and he is currently napping in his swing.

My little sister A, who is a senior at Alabama, is on her way to see us for her spring break! I am so, so excited to have her meet her nephew. I also know she will be a good influence and force me to get out of the apt more. I find that the day easily slips away from me. I never knew I could be so busy, but not really be able to explain what I did all day. Hopefully, we will have some better weather and Baby J will start feeling better and behave so we can hit the park and a few museums while she is here.

After she is gone, I'm going to work on going to some Baby Bites and Big City Moms lunches so I can meet some new Mommy friends. I'm in desperate need of a few new buddies with babies that I can meet at the park or walk with! There aren't any UES new mommies out there that want to be my friend are there? I'm also looking for babysitters, so email me if you are interested!

While little sis is here we plan to check out the NYC St. Patty's parade if the weather is good. I hear it is the biggest in the world! We just might have to find some green beer too! A baby in a bar in the daytime is okay, right? Ha, Ha! Speaking of St. Patty's, the lovely Alyssa, of A. Tierney emailed me this great offer below. Check out their site for some really cute stuff and get a great holiday deal! Stay tuned we might do a giveaway with her soon!!

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from my BFF's S&D's wedding. She's blogging from her honeymoon in Costa Rica so check it out here.

Beautiful Flowers

The Rotunda Grooms Cake since Deaner went to Virginia

S dancing with her Daddy

Just Married Marquee at the Fox Theater

Her bouquet

Beautiful Mrs. Deaner!

Fabulous Hair!

Her cheesecake wedding cake (sorry this is the only shot I got because it was so yummy)

Last but not least don't forget to enter my Lilly Pulitzer Mug giveaway.
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Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!


Jackie said...

Have a great weekend with your sister! Sounds like you need some girl time ;)

Kelly said...

I know just what you mean - my days go by so fast and I never have anything to show for them. I never realized how actual little time I would have.
Have fun with your sister! What a cool spring break!

a H.I.T. said...

First, thanks so much for following. I just started reading your blog and LOVE it.

Second, while I don't have any kids, apparently the trick to reflux or colic in babies is soy milk. My sister's doctor and my cousin's both said the same thing. Just an idea. My husband was a colic baby, so all I know is that is the first thing I'm trying if we have one just like him.

Finally, thanks for including the link to Big City Moms! I'll definitely be using it in the future and never would have found it :)

icing on the cake said...

Thanks for recommending a thermometer. There are so many choices out there that it's hard to pick one without someone suggesting one that they liked!

Homemomma said...

my now 8 year old son had baby reflux and boy could he shoot when he spit up, but when he got on the pepcid it was all better! Good luck!

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