Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Doctor's Visits-Thursday, January 22nd

I had an appointment this afternoon with my doctor to check on my blood pressure and get some more blood work done. Apparently some of the levels were not looking good in the hospital. Unfortunately, my blood pressure has shot back up. The swelling in my legs and feet has worsened. I've been put on bed rest and all I'm allowed to do is feed J. If I don't improve they'll check me back into the hospital, but that is the last resort so I'm trying to be a good mom and patient. Easier said then done. I've been put on blood pressure medicine and they are sending me to my regular doctor on Tuesday so he can work with me the next few weeks to regulate my pressure. My Mom and A are changing lots of diapers and bringing me good food so life isn't too bad. =)

J had an appointment this afternoon with his pediatrician. His bilirubin level is 16.1 again so they do not have to check him back into the hospital! Great news!! The doctor said everything else looks great. They want to see him again on Monday for another test. J gained 1 ounce and is now up to 6lbs and 9oz! Grow J, Grow!

J's stroller just arrived so we are very excited about that! Grandma rode the subway to get some essentials we were still missing. We're so proud of her for figuring it out! She is quite the NYC super granny.

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