Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coming Home-January 20th

We're this post is from January 20th the day we brought baby J home from the hospital.

Everything had been going quite well, but we had a few hiccups on Tuesday. First, we met with my doctor and learned that my blood pressure had gone back up. I was given a lot of fluids due to my stomach bug and they caused a lot of swelling in my face, my feet, my ankles and really up to my thighs. My doctor was concerned and decided that they needed to see me for more blood work on Thursday and a follow up.

J's pediatrician let us know this morning that he has jaundice. We waited around for the bilirubin test results to see if they would let us take him home. They said if it was under 14 we could bring him with us, otherwise he would have to stay in the hospital. His bilirubin level was 14.3 but they decided he could go with us. We were told we should see the pediatrician on Wednesday for another jaundice test. We were elated that we would get to bring him home with us. We dressed J up in his cute going home outfit only to find that our little one was WAY to little for his outfit. He was not pleased with the whole process, but I have to share the pictures because they are too funny.

My outfit is a little bit big!! The collar is the size of my head!! The doctor's told Mom I was going to be a big boy. I decided to come early to show them!

Mom, I do not like lace. I do not like pink. I am a boy. Get over it.

Snug as a bug. Baby J went home in a NYC taxi cab. The pics are so funny, but that have A and I in them so I'll have to crop first. President Obama was giving his inaugural address on the ride home. Baby J and Mr. President both had a big day!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Aw- he's so sweet!!

elle said...

too cute- congrats again:)

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