Friday, January 16, 2009

Bringing Home Baby

Y'all are going to get sick of me. I have way too much time on my hands!

Questions for the Moms!!

1) How many diapers should I have available to make it through the first month? Wipes?

2) Favorite diapers? Huggies vs. Pampers--debate away!

3) Favorite Wipes?

4) What should I pack to bring to the hospital for baby J besides his outfit to wear home, car seat, hats, blankets?

5) Any other must have items that I need for baby J's first few days at home that I should buy now?

Other tips welcome and appreciated!!


Marden Family said...

I am anxious to see the comments you get here- I'm due in April and Already trying to get everything in order! Best of luck with the blood pressure/bed rest situation:)

Petunia said...

I prefer Pampers diapers because they are much softer next to baby's skin. But, I liked Huggies wipes because they were thicker!
When I had my daughter I stocked up on diapers starting in size 1--assuming that it was the smallest size. Wrong! I needed "Newborn" diapers and freaked out when I realized this at the hospital. So, I grabbed all of the diapers that were in the drawer at the hospital and took them home with me...hee hee!
My only other advice is to pack a back-up outfit for coming home. Right after I dressed my daughter she mesed ALL over her oufit and it was not pretty!

Preppy Sue said...

Good questions!

1. To make it through the first month I would have a few packages of newborn diapers.

2. We always used Pampers.

3. We used Pampers sensitive skin wipes. The hospital where I delivered advised against using wipes right away on a newborn because their skin is so sensitive. I think we used a damp cloth (it's been a while).

4. Sounds like you're prepared for the hospital!

5. A nasal aspirator and plenty of extra onesies.

Good luck!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

I agree - Pampers for sure! I would hvae 3-4 packs of Newborns - make sure you get the Pampers Swadlers - so great and no leaks! Wipes - we used pampers brand as well. The hospital always has the best "nose-sucker" so make sure you bring it home, my daughter is 5 and we still use it! Other things for going, extra outfit in case of accidents and that is about it! good luck

Belle in Bloom said...

I agree with Petunia. Pampers are the best. Both my boys had sensitive skin and any other diapers rubbed them wrong. I can't remember what brand wipes but I do know they were the most expensive. Again, the sensitive skin. They would get rashes if I tried anything else. Yes, with the back-up outfit. S spit up all over his beautiful smocked gown to come home in and ended up in a onesie that said "Daddy's lil' Dawg". Not what I had pictured for a homecoming. ha.

Bama Belle... said...

I have absolutely nothing for you. But in exchange for my lack of knowledge on diapers and baby wipes, I'll come babysit little J instead. :)

BroncoMom said...

Hey MMM!
I'll share my thoughts on #2. I am a Huggies supporter all the way! The Huggies are contoured to the babies legs and will not allow anything to seep out (a unpleasant fact that new Moms face -eeewww) I remember thinking when my children were diaper age that I was not changing them ever hour on the hour. Sure, you want to check and make sure that they are dry to avoid diper rash but, its great not having to change you baby every 2 hours because their diapers are so full.
Hope that helps you - best of luck MMM

GrannySmithGreen said...

You are cracking me up! There is really NO WAY to be prepared for what you are about to experience! What an adventure!

Check out the Costco Kirkland diapers and wipes. They are basically identical to Huggies and Pampers-contoured, elastic waist & legs, etc. While you have a newborn, I like the Pampers. You'll need about 10 diapers a day for a while, no joke!

Sounds like you have your bags packed and ready. I think you'll have him in a day or two! We are SO excited for you. For now, get LOTS of sleep!!!!!!!
(That goes for Hubby too!)

If you forget anything vital, the hospital will provide it for you. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through A Belle and her Beau and as a mom of two let me give you some advice a little different from what the others are saying...
My son weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and could never wear newborn diapers--they were too small!
My daughter on the other hand weighed 8 lbs 13oz and wore newborn diapers for several weeks before moving up to a size one.
Each baby is different--have some of both, but do not open the packs until you need them in case you need to swap them out for a different size.
Wipes--pampers wipes are easy to use because of their nifty pop-up dispenser, but huggies wipes are thicker and more durable.
Good luck!

Southern Fried Girl said...

Sigh. I just did all this in November. I can't believe my little man is two months old. Sniff. OK...anyway.

I have used both Pampers and Huggies and frankly now I buy what is on sale. I have not had any unfortunate accidents either way. For wipes, I use Huggies brand for sensitive skin. They seemed a tad bit thicker.

Now for sizes. I had two packages of newborn and honestly that was enough. My little chunkadunk was in size 1 quickly and when we finish with these diapers we have now, I'm going to check out size 2 because it seems like I am having issues getting them wrapped around his ever growing waistline. LOL

Definitely grasp that nasal suckage thing from the hospital. It's better than any I have seen on the market. That thing would yank out a lung if you sucked long enough. LOL

Bring an outfit for him with a spare in case of spit ups or flying urine (I swear they aim that thing), something for you to wear that is comfy and also loose because you will not be wanting anything tight around your midsection, the camera and whatever you need to make yourself feel human again - your own shampoo, shower gel, etc. It's nice to have your own stuff.


Midwest Prep said...

Can't wait to read what everyone says!

Shannon said...

I always used Pampers swaddlers and pampers sensitive wipes. They are the best.

Lucky Designs said...

My daughter was in newborn diapers for a few weeks. We are a spilt household! We use Pampers diapers and Huggies wipes. Pampers just seem to fit her better. I would suggest try and pack of both. Sounds like you have everything to your new guy - Congrats!

Prissy Southern Prep said...


Amanda said...

I have a little girl and always used Pampers with her. I have a friend that had a little boy and she always used Huggies. I’ve had several friends that agree with this. I would defiantly bring home the nose suction from the hospital…they are the BEST. If you want something for him to wear in the hospital besides the little t-shirts they provide then you will need to bring extra outfits. The little t-shirts are great because they make it easy to change diapers but aren’t very cute. I didn’t bring “cute” outfits and wish I had…I just didn’t know people did that.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Everyone's advice is great...but something I might add to the advice is about breastfeeding. If you are going to nurse you precious little one, look into the Lansinoh products. I cannot say enough wonderful things about their breast pads, soothing creams, and cleaning cloths.

Heidi said...

I used Pampers Swaddlers when my little boy was born. They are SOO soft for a newborn. I am a bargain shopper but I DO NOT agree that generic or store brand is as good as Pampers or even Huggies.
Just be careful not to buy TOO many diapers in one size. You'd be surprised how fast little babies grow! I still have about 100 size 1-2 Pampers Swaddlers at home waiting for the next baby! HA HA! My son is 10 mo. now and 25 lbs!
Also- if you go with Pampers, make sure to sign up for the Gifts to Grow points. Every package has a code with points. You can rack up the points and trade them in for storybooks, toys, etc.

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog had some great tips in the recent post "Making Your Home a Haven: 15 Ways to Organize Your Home for a New Baby"

I bookmarked it myself for future reference!

Mind Your Manors said...

I am 100% Pampers fan for diapers and 100% Huggies fan for wipes!

You won't need a lot at the hospital for the baby...just yourself. Not sure how ong the drive is from the hospital to your house, but that is when you will need other things. Believe me...they will provide everything and then charge you for it! Make sure you have a backup take-home outfit just in case:)

Don't leave the hospital without asking them for extra pacifiers and nasal syringe. Theirs are the best!


The Blissful Belle said...

I've only been doing this for one month now (as of yesterday!), but I've been using Pampers Swaddlers in size 1 the entire time (also what was used in the hospital) and they work great. As for wipes, I've tried samples of them all and can't really tell a difference. I have Pampers Sensitive in my diaper bag and Target brand on my changing table at home, and both work great.

Other things I like...
-Dr. Brown bottles are awesome.
-I tried several pricey/fancy pacifiers and she likes the old school Nuk ones the best.
-Get some Gripe Water... I thinks it works better than gas drops.

Meagan said...

I'm excited for you and A!

We never used Newborn diapers - born at 8 lbs 15 oz, Tom was even out of Size 1 pretty fast! We used Pampers until he was out of Size 2, then 'blowouts' became an issue with those and we've never had a problem with Huggies. I don't mind any wipes as long as they are fragrance and allergen free, but I still put them in the Pampers Sensitive dispenser. The hospital nurse said to use a washcloth and warm water at first, but our pediatrician said sensitive-type wipes were fine.

We brought some baby books and a few red, black and white toys for those times when the baby was alert and not eating - I was surprised how awake he was at times!

I LOVED my Aimee nursing nightgown and it was perfect in the hospital. I got it from - they run a little big, so you definitely should order your pre-pregnancy size. I also like Lansinoh nursing pads.

Also, keep the baby with you as much as possible. Some nurses will really push you to send the baby to the nursery so you can rest, but I think its best to stay close because you really will be able to sense when he's hungry better than anyone else.

A Balancing Act in Heels said...

Okay, I get overly excited about this stuff. So here are my recommendations:

1) 300 diapers for the 1st month! :)

2) Huggies, because they have a contour that allows your newborn to move his/her legs more freely. Pampers are just too.....square.

3) I did not like to use baby wipes on my kids, because the doctor said they had too many chemicals that leave their skin chapped. But, when I had to (traveling), I used Seventh Generation baby wipes. They have no chemicals like the Huggies and Pampers.

4)Don't forget socks or booties, mittens (no scratching on face!), burpcloth or washcloth, extra set of basic clothes (onesies, gowns, side button shirts, etc), clothes and shoes for yourself (your maternity clothes at 5-6 months is good), a few pairs of regular, high waist undies (no bikini cuts, thongs, lol), warm socks and slippers for you (it gets cold in the hospital), your personal hygiene products, etc.

5) Baby nail clipper, q tips, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol (if you want) for cleaning the belly button, Dreft laundry detergent...And for you, lots breast pads for leaks, breast pump and storage bags if your breastfeeding, and don't forget to take home the big white/blue changing pads from the hospital!

Mary said...

My only big opinion is wipes--pampers do not grip STUFF like Huggies wipes do! Trust me :):):) I do like Pampers diapers (swaddlers first,) and you'll need about 4,000. just kidding. I'd only buy two big packs to start--N (newborn sized) and size 1. Buy the biggest Newborn pack you can find. They go through anywhere between 5-10 a day. My kids didn't last long in the newborn ones but I have big babies...

Every time I am without wipes and borrow some that are the pampers ones I get frustrated with how thin they are--Huggies all the way!

stepht said...

So fun! I am a pampers swaddlers fan all the way and I think the kirkland wipes (from Costco)are hands down the best. My son is one now and we use the kirland diapers, too - they are great.

two things I highly recommend:
1. take EVERYTHING from the hospital - diapers, burp cloths, swaddling blankets. They also will give you breast pump parts to use with their hospital grade pump - take those home too because it is always nice to have spare parts for pumping at home... which I highly recommend too - we started giving my son one bottle of breast milk a day so we never had to deal with the transition from breast to bottle and my husband was able to spend time feeding him.

2. Have lots of burp clothes and stash them all over the apartment. I had no idea how many I would use in a day.

PaperCourt said...

I'm a pampers fan. I used sensitive skin wipes in the beginning but moved on to the Costco Kirkland wipes. They are the bomb and can be purchased on if getting to Costco is impossible.

I took several hospital blankets home with me b/c they are perfect for swaddling.

There are other things you should have on hand but you probably don't want me posting them here (tucks, etc.). :-)

Erica said...

In the NICU, we use soft cloths and warm water instead of wipes because baby skin is so sensitive. I'd recommend getting a wipe warmer, putting some water and maybe a drop or two of Johnson's baby shampoo and lots of baby washcloths in it, and use those as your wipes for the first month or two. Plus it's "green" because you wash and re-use them.

Also, don't take many "heirloom" things to the hospital (hand-made blankets, hats, etc) because things do get lost...

Susan D. said...

You will probably go through atleast 8 diapers a day & probably more in the beginning. Depending on how big he'll be, you may not want to buy all newborn - you may want to have some size 1's, just in case. Take whatever they will give you at the hospital ... you are paying for it & you can never have enough!

I have loved pampers, hands down. But, I've heard that Huggies sometimes fit boys better. Trial and error, I think. It might be nice if you have a small pack of each.

Wipes - I've used all different kinds and we are now on Target store brand. I think I like the Pampers the best - smell and texture.

While gowns are great for newborns, not to ride in the carseat because the buckle ends up against bare baby skin.
Something comfortable and definitely a backup.

I think at first, have lots of easy outfits - gowns, etc. It seemed like we changed outfits as much as diapers because we were getting the hang of everything. Burp cloths have been a neccessity. Also, have your baby detergent (or Tide Free)and OxiClean (for stain removal).

What else? Breast pump or b'feeding products - lansinoh cream, breast pads, etc.

So, so exciting ... it will be such a wonderful time, but it does help to be prepared! : )

asplashofsunshine said...

I have never been to your blog, but since I am here, I feel the need to comment. Priority list for newborns (in my opinion):

2. Have your camera fully charged and video camera too. You will NOT regret having some video coverage, even of yourself.
3. Use whatever diapers you want. I used Pampers for my daughter and Huggies for my son. They are different, but both get the job done. Same with wipes.
4. No need to bring anything to the hospital except the going home outfit, BUT do it anyway. Bring a few cute outfits for photos. Some people will think you are nuts, but who cares!
5. Only other things to have on hand at home. Clothes, bottles (maybe not depending on how you feed the baby), tube of Desitin, baby soap, and that's it. The baby doesn't need anything else for a while, although other things are a ton of fun to use with the baby.
6. OH, and don't let ANYONE tell you how to do things. Listen to YOURSELF and trust yourself!!!

I'm preaching to a total stranger, yikes. Signing off. Did I mention, HAVE FUNNN!

mom of 4 said...

Don't buy a ton of little diapers, they grow so fast! One thing I didn't buy was maxi-pads! You will need those as soon as you get home! I was so focused on the baby, I forgot about what I would need! Good luck!

ilovepink said...

I found your blog tonight. We must be due around the same time. I love Pampers swaddlers and Huggies SheaButter wipes. Huggies wipes are so thick! Take several baby outfits too. You can dress him up for all the visitors. This time, I am taking a few preemie outfits too. My first daughter was right under 7 pounds and even the newborn clothes fell off of her. Good Luck!!

Ladybug said...

Pampers Newborn Swaddlers are the best diapers ever made. They are wonderful. Wipes we always used sensitive skin in whatever was on sale. Huggies are definately a bit thicker but the sensitve skin part was more important on my babies skin. We then moved on to cloth diapers. LOVED LOVED LOVED them but I only used Fuzzy Bunz! They are the best. Never a diaper rash!

Make sure you bring a couple outfits home with you. One was huge on my son (who was a big baby) and then he peed all over the other one! LOL I cried!!!! Ahhh memories....

Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy said...

have some AandDointment (the gel kind not the diaper rash kind) for the circumcision to heal- they'll give some samples, but i loaded it on to make it not stick to the diaper!1

i LOVE me some PAMPERS!!!!
i used newborn diapers for about 3 weeks...before i moved to Size 1!
Go for pampers swaddlers- and then move to Baby Dry (cheaper than cruisers and cruisers aren't really necessary until really walking)
we have tried all differnet kinds of wipes and our favorite are pAMPERS SENSITIVE!!! tried the huggies sensitive- did not like!!

hospital- wish i had packed my boppy to help with nursing! i make a cute little 'i'm a breastfed boy' sign with his name on it for the basinnett they put him in...that way the nurses know, no bottles without your approval (if you plan to nurse), bring the baby book or the page out of it to get the foot and hand prints...have it out in the labor room bc they do the ink print very soon after they finish cleaning him up! i also suggest bringing your own little cap for his head- the hospital one was too big, and the smaller one was too small for my son, so i had a pretty blue polka dot one for him to wear instead!

God Bless and Good Luck!

For you- if you have crocks, take them, sometimes women swell post delivery and having some open to put your feet in is more comfy!!

tips: sign up for BABIES R US rewards- after you buy so many boxes of diapers, they give you your 9th box FREE! sign up at to get coupons in the mail!!

Anonymous said...

Make sure and put a glob of A&D or Aquaphor on the front inside of his diaper to keep his circumcision wound from sticking to his diaper. If you are delivering vaginally, buy a can of Dermaplast spray to spray on maxi pads to help with tenderness. Definitely take your Boppy and "Nursing Mother's Companion" book. The dye they put on the umbilical cord to help it dry up will ruin clothes, so make sure to take a onesie and be wary of your special heirlooms. A blow-up air mattress is a good idea for Dad or your overnight "helper"...more humane than the chair/beds! Finally, throw in a pair of faux pearls to help you feel pretty for biggie if they get lost. Best of luck!

4DsfromLHP said...

I agree with the few women who said Kirkland wipes from Costco. So much less expensive and I love the quality. Ditto on the Lansinoh if you are planning on breastfeeding. Use it every time before you nurse and you will save yourself a lot of discomfort! Everything they give you at the hospital is yours to take home, so take it. The pacifiers my hospital used were the only ones my daughters would use (I guess b/c it was the first they tried.) Oh and the big protector sheets they put under YOU on your bed...take any extras from your room. The person who left the maxi pad comment is so right...I needed those every day for almost a month afterwards. No one tells you about all the post delivery "fun"! The hospital also gave me a little squirt bottle to use in the bathroom, so take that home too. If you are planning on breastfeeding, you may find it helpful to have a little notebook & pen to jot down feeding times and lengths. If you try to remember what side you last nursed on (and for how long) you will get confused! And the info. will be helpful to your pediatrician if you have any feeding concerns. Good luck! It will all seem overwhelming at first, but you will quickly figure out your routine and what works best for you :)

Anonymous said...

Pampers- Hands down. I have 2 children & they just finished diapers at the same time. I will recommend Huggies overnights when your little guy gets bigger (6mo +).

Don't go too nuts with diapers. See how big he is & babies grow A LOT & FAST. Both of mine were 9 lbs...Get one pack of newborn & 1 pack of size 1 & go from there. Send someone out to the store for you.

I'm with Petunia, bring 2 outfits both roomy & comfy for the way home for little man.

Bring undies you don't care about for you & the same with jammies. It seems dreamy but the first couple of days in the hospital are hard moving around & messy (Sorry)!

I imagined a very chic going home outfit as I didn't gain much weight, just a big belly...I ended up leaving in yoga pants & everything else easy & comfy.

All that matters is a safe delivery. You are going to do GREAT!!

The Mrs. said...

Pampers all the way. Pampers baby fresh wipes. Just get a big box and see who you do.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new little guy! As an avid environmentalist and future physician, I just thought I'd put in a vote for the cloth diaper option. Not to scare you, but there are links between male infertility and disposable diaper use. Not as convenient as plastic, but something to consider.

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