Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1st Doctor's Visits-January 21st

We took J for his first visit to the pediatrician today to check on his jaundice. Packing a diaper bag, hailing a cab and getting a newborn ready all proved to be interesting experiences for these new parents, but we did pretty well. =) They pricked J's heel to test his bilirubin. It about broke my heart, I had no idea I could fall in love this fast. His bilirubin levels were up again (16.1), but the doctor said to continue with frequent feedings. He gained a few ounces with my on demand hourly feedings last night to hit a whopping 6lbs 8oz. (He was 6lbs 5oz when we left the hospital yesterday, but it is normal for newborns to lose a little weight in the hospital.) We have to go back tomorrow to have them checked.

The doctor mentioned in the hospital that J was a little tongue tied. She suggested we meet with a pediatric ENT to get his tongue clipped. Ouch! We made an appointment this afternoon and the doctor was wonderful. A had to hold J during the quick procedure because I could not handle to watch my sweet baby in pain. It literally took 10 seconds and one cry (no blood) and J was done and back asleep. He's such a good boy! The doc said midwives used to grow their finger nail and cut the little piece of skin under the tongue that way. I'm glad our doc on Park Ave took care of it instead and now J should have better luck with his latching during feedings.

Overall, J is an amazing baby. We actually have to wake him up to eat and he falls asleep during feedings. The docs say this is normal for an early baby that has jaundice. As long as he continues to gain weight we'll be okay.

Here are a few of my many faces!

Content (and so freaking precious!)


NOT pleased (this one is very rare)


KLC said...

I'm a little tongue tied too but my parents didn't get mine clipped. I don't have speech issues or anything but it depends on just how "tongue tied" you are I guess. Your boy is absolutely precious!!!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, is he ever precious!! Congratulations!

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