Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank You Pineapple Grove Gifts

Do you remember awhile back when I was trying to find a mat for Daisy's dog food? My sweet friends at Pineapple Grove Gifts surprised me with this fabulous pet mat, this cute dog bowl personlized with her name. The best part, it is personalized, it has polka dots AND it has a reversible Christmas design. Daisy loves it and my hardwood floors love Pineapple Grove Gifts! We also love our personlized holiday stickers!!

You can buy the bowls here and the mats here.

Check out some of their other cute items!
These clips are perfect for your little girl that loses her hair bow constantly and these headbands are cute for Moms and tots!

Holiday placemats for the kids (or your dog).

These personalized paperweights would make a great gift for a boss or a coworker.

I LOVE their selection of Paper Menu wall art.

Thanks again Grove Gals!


Gwen said...

How cute!!! She is adorable and so is her mat. :)

Randall said...

Darling! I'm sure Daisy loves it!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Cute mat! Good idea to protect those beautiful hardwoods!

GroveGals said...

thanks for your sweet post! daisy looks like she is feeling so much better!

Rachel H. said...

Very cute! I'm starting Christmas shopping today, so I'm going to check these things out!

LyndsAU said...

oh i love it! how cute and preppy :) ha

The Mrs. said...

That is the cutest thing!!!

kandice said...

so cute! i love that! i think i might need something for my sarah... do they make commercial-grade absorbent mats to sop up all the water she drips when drinking? ha!

Kate said...

I am so adding these to my dog's Xmas list!

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