Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Blue with a Rosette AND Faux Pearls

The bow is blue (yesterday it was a deep purple) for all of you that have been waiting around wondering what color bow the bow doc is wearing today. Ha, Ha! She is now driving me up a wall so I don't feel bad anymore about posting the color of her bow.

Wednesday night we had the NYC blogger meet up at Balon on the UES. It was great to meet some of you! We will certainly do it again next month. There were 8 of us this time (including 2 readers and 6 bloggers.)

Those bloggers in attendance (besides myself) were: and

This weekend A and are going to a jazz concert at The Lincoln Center. His boss gave us some great seats and since Bama isn't playing we figured we would spend 1 Saturday night without football. I can't wait for the concert--now what to wear?? I also want to organize Baby U's closet and try to make some more space. I've never tried selling anything on ebay or Craig's List (I'm a pro buyer on ebay), but I think I'm about to try it. Any tips? I also want to work on my Dream Christmas list. (To be posted next week.) I want to get some good slippers for the hospital and the days after. Any suggestions?

My current favorite maternity warm clothes are this and these and this (I'm about to buy a few more of these) and this (borrowed from a friend). Does anyone in the Preppy Preggo club have any others I should try? Any good finds for Christmas parties? Speaking of the Preppy Preggos we have a new member. I am so excited that J from The Preppy Wedding is our newest member. She has started a new blog, The Preppy Baby. J was my inspiration to start my own blog and I had the pleasure of meeting her last year in NYC. I am so excited for her!

Also, a special congrats to Preppy Preggo member Southern Fried Girl who delivered a sweet boy on Nov 13th!

Today is the last day to sign up for my Lillybella Boutique giveaway. Click here to sign up. Lillybella is going to pick later today so HURRY!


Anonymous said...

I am sure you are on top of things for your hospital wardrobe but don't forget to get a robe to match those slippers that you are looking for. Unless you have a C-section, you may be up some.

Plus, don't be like me and forget a cute outfit for baby for their hospital photo!

Andie said...

I just bought these jeans from the Gap, and I LOVE them!

On sale even!

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