Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Ultimate Dream Birthday Wish List

My b-day is on Friday, so I am getting a head start for my husband to pick out a few things for me. Ha, ha! Really I just like to look all around the internet and since it is my bday I can make a list of everything I'm currently dreaming about! So here is my 2008 ultimate dream bday wish list. Check out 2007 here! Don't be surprised if I keep adding things. I'm quite a dreamer and I am the birthday girl! Enjoy!

Montego Wine Bar from Pottery Barn

Magnolia Cupcakes
(Red Velvet and Pink Vanilla please)

Tiffany Pearl Earrings

Tiffany Pearl Necklace

Whitney English Luggage Tags from The Paper Cafe
(I have a set of these and I LOVE them--just need the new address!)
2 for $18.00

Whitney English Address Labels (for the new address--we move on Wed!)from The Paper Cafe
100 for $42.00

2 monogrammed pet bowls from Preppy Monogrammed Gifts
$26.00 each

Small monogrammed umbrella from Monogram Me

Turquoise Coral Pillow from Home at Sea


Monogrammed Bath Pillow from Abbe Designs

Two Tone Pink and White Pearl Cluster Earrings

Tassel Gray Pearl Earrings


Aqua Blue Quartz


Cherry Quartz


Red Quartz Earrings from E-Glamour Jewelry on Ebay


Chocolate Brown Mongogrammed Fleece from So Pretty

Water bottle koozie from So Pretty

Personalized Family Name Frame from The Palm Gifts

Preppy Monogrammed Checkbook Holder from The Palm Gifts
KeyWest Pink and White

Monogrammed Acrylic Recipe Card Holder from The Palm Gifts



Monogrammed Shower Curtain from The Palm Gifts


Pickles and Ice Cream Olian Scoopneck Ruched Shirt
On Sale for $49.99



Michael Stars Maternity Shirt from Nordstrom's in Blossom

Tocca Candle from Sephora--any flavor would be just fine!

Cynthia Wardrobe from Pottery Barn

Garrett Glass Cabinet from Pottery Barn


~ OR~

Como Bench to use for new coffee table from Pottery Barn
On Sale for $299.00


Brayton Armoire from Ballard Designs

Since I'm going to be a Mommy--I think it is time to buy the Mom Agenda! Even better, it starts in August 08!


TV said...

LOVE that you call them "flavors" - ref: the Tocca candles. My friends always make fun of me and scream "They're SCENTS NOT FLAVORS!" I hope you get each and every gift ;)

Gracie Beth said...

I love the amazing grace stuff from philosophy and those lilly pj pants are so cute. I hope you receive everything on your list.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

all really good choices. i hope you get it all!!! :)

Well I Do Declare said...

Your husband CAN'T say you didn't give him any ideas :P I LOVE the aqua and cherry quartz earrings. Payday is Friday... I think they are calling my name. Thanks again for sharing such great stuff!

Lauren said...

I had those Japanese Weekend pj's when I was pregnant/nursing and LOVED them!! They were so comfortable and great to wear around the house.

Love your blog, by the way!

queenoftheclick said...

I love love LOVE your wishlist. I hope you get some of it.

Happy Birthday!

amanda said...

ooh, now I'm wishing it was my birthday too!

TV and MMM, I call them flavors too. Just about anything with variety and a pleasant scent...deo, soaps, candles.

I think I need that water bottle koozie. I hate them when they're sweaty and I hate it when they get warm. I may need to do a little online shopping.

I also love so many of those earrings. I'll have to check out a few of those sites. I just don't have the patience to peruse ebay the way it deserves to be browsed.

amanda said...

I'm also excited that you listed the fresh stuff from sephora. Last time we stayed in NYC (When we were stranded by skybus) we stayed in a hotel in the financial district and they had fresh products in the bathroom. I loved the soy shampoo and I used up all of my mini bottles. I keep forgetting to look them up online to see where I can find them. Now I know.

Kate said...

Great list, I especially love the first shower curtain

Pink Flamingo said...

What a fabulous wish list...I hope you get many items off of it for your birthday! :)

Lauren said...

I hope you have a nice birthday week! Good luck with your move on Wednesday. It will be so nice to be in your new place a few months before the baby comes.

I think I need to order one of the pet food containers. Those are a great way to store dog food.

Enjoy your week!

SAS said...

That is quite the birthday list..but hey, dream big!!!! There are MANY things on your list I would love!

Mrs. STL Sarah said...

Happy early birthday! Amazing Grace is my favorite.

Legallyblondemel said...

Great list, and thanks for the new website - I'm off to check out The Paper Cafe.

Happy early birthday!

Julia said...

Pretty much lovin' everything...if you get some cupcakes, PLEASE take a pic. Sometimes I wished I lived in NYC just so I could try one.

Come check out my blog today...I finally posted it!

Sunshine In The City said...

Ooohhh I love you list!!! Especially the Philosophy products!!! I really like the jewelry too, its really similar to the pieces my friend makes. Check out her website

Belle said...

What great stuff! You NEED the Lilly pj pants... I'll probably wear them even when I not pregnant!

The Mrs. said...

I love all of it! Can it be my bday too?! LOL!

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