Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A DozenEggs and A Dozen Thanks!

I am WAY behind on a couple of thank yous for some generous gifts I have received! I want to give you each your own special thank you post so bare with me! I promise as soon as I can find the box with my stationary collection in it (yes, it has its own box--don't judge) you will all get proper thank yous.

I want to start with a thank you to A Dozen Eggs. They make the most precious cookies in the world. I received a tin of baby cookies complete with boy and girl cookies and MMM baby blocks! This was such a thoughtful gift and now that I am starting to feel better I have to admit that A and I ate them ALL in two days. Thanks A Dozen Eggs and everyone please check out their website. These would be perfect for your next bridal or baby shower or as a bday gift!

In other news--do y'all remember what tomorrow is?? It's Baby U's big day! We find out tomorrow morning if we are having a girl or a boy--so if our baby behaves and the ultrasound tech is 90% sure or more then I'll post tomorrow if we'll have pink and green or blue and green! A few friends have warned me to not get too excited because it is still early (I'll be 15 1/2 weeks) and some of their babies had their legs crossed and one friend was even told she was having a boy only to find out 6 weeks later she was having a girl!! Guess I should go too crazy! Regardless, I feel like tomorrow is Christmas. I am so excited. Make sure you vote on the sidebar--as of right now it seems y'all think we are having a girl! I'm sure I could work with that. =)
A special congrats to Kelly who found out yesterday she is having a little girl!

Happy 27th Birthday to my sister-in-law! (Even though she doesn't know about my blog-!!)


Jamie said...

HOW freaking cute are those cookies?!! Can't wait to hear what its going to be... :)

Preppy Sue said...

Love the cookies! Good luck tomorrow!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

ummm, those cookies look SO yummy! Good luck tomorrow!! I can't wait to hear! My friend the gyn always says..."is it a turtle or a hamburger?" Have you heard that?? Which one!!!? It's like playing the lottery and knowing you'll win either way! :-)

linda said...

Ohhh, those cookies are ( were!)adorable!
Good luck tomorrow! I remember mine like it was yesterday( now she's 13) is such an awesome time of your life...Enjoy!!!

The Mrs. said...

Those cookies are so damn cute! i cannot wait to find out what you're having!!! Landon flipped around until 21 weeks! Finally we found out there!

Kappa Prep said...

I am dying to know what you are having!!!

adozeneggs said...

Thank so much for the post! I hadn't read in a few days and was surprised to see the cookies.

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