Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My First Ebay Sales

I've bought plenty of items on Ebay, but this is my first attempt to sell a few items to make some room in my closet. (And this will also enable me to buy more baby clothes for Baby J.) Over the next few weeks, I'll be selling things that don't fit me anymore (or never did), maternity clothes, baby clothes that I won't be saving and whatever else I can find to help make some more room in our closets! I would love to do business with my readers so here is the link to the things I'm selling. Feel free to ask me questions. Happy Shopping!

See below for the first few links that include some Haviannas, BCBG Girls, JCrew Flats and Flip Flops and Anne Klein heels. I'll continue to update y'all as I list things.


Whitney said...

I've bought A LOT, but I've never sold either. It kind of makes me nervous! Can't wait to see all your items!

Cee said...

I have never bought anything...I always mean to but have never taken the plunge. I guess I am old school haha!

Thanks for becoming a follower, I am such a fan of your blog so I feel honored!

cancersucks said...

Congratulations...I am a power seller on ebay- user name auntie-goose if you have questions or need some new ebayer support!

Needs Help said...

Good luck with your sales. I just completed selling my first items and was really happy to make some extra cash!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

I need to list some Ebay stuff! =)

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